Now in Blue! Self Publishing Update

Just an Update, I’ve received a Proof Copy of the Maroon one from CreateSpace, and it looks great.

In fact, I also found out that I can Order Copies from CreateSpace at a Less Expensive Price than the Printer I had planned on using to Market a Local Bookstore.

Both CreateSpace’s (The Online Publisher), and Ka-Blam’s (The Printer) Copies turned out well, but definitely different.

Thus I will give the Bookstore an Option of which they’d like to carry, as long as the Price Point works ok.

Also, as Noted in the Post Title, Blue is now available online.

To my surprise, Each Title that you Create for CreateSpace actually has its Own eStore.

I thought that I would have just one eStore that I could put all my Titles on, but apparently I was wrong, as it is not possible to do that.

This is not a huge deal however.

Here are the Links to the Two Different eStores;

Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Maroon) – CreateSpace eStore

Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Blue)CreateSpace eStore

If you decide you’d like to Order a Copy, don’t forget your Discount Code J2Z6GWXQ, which I Created specifically for My Readers, Followers and Comrades in Ink. This Code will give you a 20% Discount, and Works on Both Colors of the Book.*

*Keep in mind, these Codes need to be Created for “Each” Publication, meaning I created the Code on the Maroon Copy, and then Created the Same Code for the Blue Version. But with the Blue, I made sure to Assign the Same Code. If you don’t, it will generate a Code for each Title.

Lastly, the Maroon Version is Now Available on Here Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Maroon/Amazon)

As a Seller, keep in mind that the Royalties you shall receive on are less than on your Personal eStore.

Also, the 20% Discount Code does not work with

So I make less, and you Pay more, lol But, it’s still cool to have it on there, and this is included with your CreateSpace Titles, along with your eStores.

One thing that Noiri (Kirsty from La Plume Noire) and I are currently determining is, does Ship Quicker to International Customers, as CreateSpace was going to take many weeks for her to get her copy. So she Ordered hers through, hopefully she’ll get it quicker that way…. We shall see.

U.S. Copies do get to people quick, as I got mine within 4 or 5 days I believe.

Just an Update, I will be Adding Dark Green Next on CreateSpace/, and I’m still waiting for my Second Order of Prints from Ka-Blam.

For more Information about my Self Publishing Process, you can check out my Self Published Work Page.

Thanks guys


5 Responses to “Now in Blue! Self Publishing Update”

  1. Hey DarkJade,
    How did you manage to get the paper version from Createspace to Amazon and ship by Amazon? I’m wondering how it works in case I wanna offer the kindle version and paper one as well for mine. thx!!

    • I believe CreateSpace is an Affiliate of Amazon… In other words, I think Amazon might own them. When you Submit a Book to CreateSpace, once it’s approved (which basically means you get them the Computer Files for it), your Book Automatically Shows up in 2 places… One is a CreateSpace eStore, the other is… You receive More Royalties from your Private eStore Page, but when you Submit a Book with CreateSpace, you Automatically get your Book on Both your eStore, and So there’s no special set up, or charge for it.

      They offer other Chanels of Distribution for your work, but there is an additional charge for it, beyond the Royalties that they will also get.

      Let me know if this makes sense, and if it doesn’t, let me know… Any Questions any time are Welcome.

      Hope this Helps


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