Captain Fire 197 – Changed

As I lay in my bed in the pitch dark, thinking about Jenna, who hasn’t been out of her room in three days… Jono suddenly enters my room, the lights come on, and he sits on my bed next to me.

He sits there staring at me for a moment…

And I’m not sure if he’s going to Kiss Me, or–

“Hello Nisho…” he suddenly speaks.

“Hello Jono” I reply.

He’s still sitting there staring at me…

Which, well, I don’t completely mind but–

“I want you to speak to Jenna…” he suddenly says.

“Me?? But… Aren’t you and her closer than–” I start to say, but he stops me, and starts pacing around the room…

“She won’t… Talk to me… She won’t… Even look at me” he explains.

“But I–” I try to speak again, but he comes over and takes my hand…

“Please Nisho… You must… Speak to her” he insists.

And how could I possibly deny those big dreamy eyes.

“Ok… I’ll talk to her Jono” I reply.

When I enter Jenna’s Room she is standing by her Chamber’s Window looking out into space…

“Hello Nisho…”

I approach her, but not too close… As I want to give her, her space.

“Hello Jenna” I reply.

She suddenly walks over to me and gives me an extremely hard hug.

“It’s so good to see you…” she says, but I can feel tears running down her cheek, and as quickly as she hugs me, she returns to the window.

“Are you ok… Jenna” I ask, not  knowing really what else to say.

“I’ve Changed… Nisho” she replies without looking at me.

“Changed? Changed how??” I ask.

She then looks at me, tears fill her eyes, and yet she tries to give me a half smile as if to try to make me feel better…

Even when she’s obviously suffering, she still tries to take care or me.

“Tell Jono… I’m ok” she speaks.

“Tell both of My Brothers… That I love them…” with this she lays down and turns down her light.

I cover her “Ok Jenna… I will”.

I walk away, but turn back before I go.

“I’ll resurface soon Nisho… Just not now” she says.

And so I leave.

“Just not now” she says again after Nisho leaves.



PICTURE CREDITS – Anime Boy, Green Haired Anime Girl, White Haired Anime Girl, Green Haired Girl

Captain Fire 197 Season 2;

Part One – Captain Fire 197 – We Know What You Are

Part Two – Captain Fire 197 – Beast Calling

Part Three – Captain Fire 197 – Truth is Thicker than Blood

Captain Fire 197 Season 1



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