Path of The Dreamer – A DarkJade Update

Path of The Dreamer – A DarkJade Update

First of all, I’d like to say thank you to all that have Followed, Read, Collaborated and Supported me since I began Blogging back on August 18th, 2011.

That said, My Update.


The Written Word – The Written Word was my First Blog which I started August 18th, 2011, primarily as a way to get in the habit of Writing on a Daily Basis. Those of you that have been with me along the way, I’m sure have heard me say this before.

In that regard, I am very pleased… As in the Months of October and November, I averaged around 1,100 Words a Day, it dropped a bit in December (by Design) to around 800-900 Words, and now it’s back up to 900-1,000.

During these many months, however, it has become a lot more than that for me.

Blog Series;

I currently have 3 Different Blog Series going, much like Comic Books to a Degree, as they just keep on going.

Dark Rider (Tales of The Dark Rider); I began Season 2 of Dark Rider in January, but quickly changed the Title and Format of it to Tales of The Dark Rider. It now takes place 2 years later, and Dark Rider has been Captured by an Old Enemy, and is forced to sit back and do nothing as his Old Allies are Hunted Down and potentially Slain.







Captain Fire 197; I also started Season 2 of Captain Fire 197, no new title, but Jenna, Nisho’s Closest Friend on the 197, has been Kidnapped, and Jono and the rest of the Crew must find her. During Jenna’s being Kidnapped, however, a New Enemy has come to surface, and Jenna is now faced with some very Difficult realities, one of which is, something more in regards to her Telepathic Powers.






The Mind Chronicles; The Mind Chronicles has also started its Season 2, and though it doesn’t appear to get near the Views that Captain Fire, and Dark Rider get, I’m not really surprised… After all, Sci-Fi (Captain Fire), and Fantasy (Dark Rider) are a big more of a Pronounced Genre than Post Apocalyptic Mutants, aren’t they? lol None the less, I am enjoying the Writing and Characters in The Mind Chronicles, hopefully more people will check it out soon.




As most of you are aware, I’ve recently Self Published my First ever Book of Poetry, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“. This is Volume One of My Poetry that I’ve Written in The Written Word during the Months of September-October, 2011, and I will be continuing to Self Publish my Poetry from this Site. The Next Volume  will be called “Dream Shift“, and will include the Remaining 26 Poems Written during the Months of October-December, 2011.





Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories (Written Within The Written Word);

Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress of Doom (Fantasy Novel); Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress of Doom” is my 3rd Novel Effort, and one I’m very much Enjoying. I’ve Written 7 Chapters so far, and look forward to Writing more, and Hearing from My Readers, Followers and Comrades in Ink to hear what they think. So far it gets some “Likes”, and has had a few “Comments”, but I look forward to Hearing From More of you, and Welcome Your Feedback.




I Died Once (I.D.O.) (Novella); Overall I had a Decent Response to my First Novel (or Novella) effort, “I Died Once(I.D.O.), but would Really Love some Additional Feedback on it (Thought is is a First Draft). I’m hoping to have it Edited between now and the End of March, when I’m looking to Self Publish this Novella… Wish me luck.






Self Publishing;

As I said, I Self Published My First Ever Book of Poetry, which is also my First Self Published Work Ever. So far its been a Pretty Cool/Interesting Experience, and I Highly Recommend any Artist to Self Publish Their Work, even if they never sell a single copy. There’s nothing like having a Printed Piece of your Work in your own hands.



New Pages;

DarkJade Music Posts; For Easy Access to my Many Music Posts that I do.

Self Published Work

Awards Page


Other Blogs;

The Dark Globe; I’ve been having a Great Time Writing, and Working With Other Artists over at The Dark Globe Site. We’ve got around 10 Writers now, and 3 Photographers, which really makes the Site an Ever Changing Place to be.



White Jade; White Jade, as many of you know, is a Screenplay that I Originally Wrote (The First Draft) back in 2002, then picked it up in 2003-2005, and Rewrote the Hell out of it. Then, in 2006-2007 I started to Convert it into Comic Book Script, and Hired an Artist to Draw me the First 8 Pages of the Comic Book. As my Second Self Publishing Effort, I’ve decided to Print what I’m calling an 8 Page Comlet (Partial Comic), just to potentially Stir up some Interest in it. I’m not sure as of yet what I will be doing with these Comlets, but I am looking forward to see how they come out.



One Knight; One Knight (The Site) was actually my 2nd Blog, which I Created back in Early October. It was Created as a place for me to work on my Childhood Novel “One Knight (The Story)“, but I also Invited some Guest Authors to share there own Creative Writing Efforts, and it went quite well. However, with the Creation of The Dark Globe Site (my 3rd Blog), those 2 Guest Authors have Joined me over on The Dark Globe, and none of has really been adding much to the One Knight Site as of late.



Dark Xperience; Dark Xperience, or as I refer to it, DarkX, is My 4th Blog, and is Primarily a Place for me to Play Videos after Midnight, when I am Too Tired to Write, lol. Still, the people who have actually checked it out, seem to like it, so I’m glad.


DarkJade’s Films of Meaning; One of the Sites I Follow called 1001 Scribbles was looking for Guest Authors, and being I had never Guest Authored, and really like her blog, I thought I’d suggest doing a Film Review sort of Post for her. She liked the idea, as she likes my Other Film Reviews Here, and Here , and so suggested that I Post every two weeks. The Series I Created for her is called “DarkJade’s Films of Meaning“, and has been going quite well. I would love for you guys to check out the Posts and let me know whatcha think.

Phew… Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Listening, I really do Appreciate all of you


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