The Mind Chronicles – Exile (Part Two)


Exile (Part 2);




When Farahi awakes, she’s in The Mind’s Bedroom, where she’s been staying since she and Jarod had arrived some two or three weeks earlier.

Jarod is sitting by her side.

“What… What happened” she says sluggishly.

“Well, after The Mind took out that Mutant that was about to kill you, he pretty much went on a Rampage and killed the other three as they tried to enter his workshop… At that point The Canada 6 Legionnaires and myself kinda hung back” he explained.

“Oh…” Farahi tries to sit up, but then falls back against the pillow.

“I’d take it easy there kid… You were pretty messed up… You wont have use of that arm for a good two or three weeks I figure…” Jarod explains.

“So… What now?” she asks.

“Well… The Mind says we have to clear out of here… Apparently N One has ordered The Canada 6 Legionnaires to take The Mind into custody for his little “Onslaught” in Anchorage…” Jarod explains, as Farahi sits up on the edge of the bed.

But the Legionnaires are giving The Mind a Two Hour Jump before they start to pursue him… I suppose they feel he’s a Hero… And, probably agree with him about the Mutants… Not to mention he saved four of their lives last night… As well as ours” he continues.

“I see…” she replies, with pain in her voice.

“It comes right from the Top… High Senate Richards”

“Apparently the Humanitarian League is really coming down on him for the Killings…” Jarod goes on to explain.

“Yeah well… Screw the Humanitarian League… I’m done with them… These Mutants need to die… And die now” Farahi says with conviction, as she gets up and throws a thick, long sleeve button up shirt around her.

“Yeah… Well… I’m with you… And him on that one” Jarod replies.

“I’m going with him” Farahi states.

“As am I… And two of the Legionnaires have also abandoned their posts, and will act as protectors to him, though he does not wish it…” Jarod continues.

Suddenly The Mind enters the room with a big ol smile, as usual.

“Ready Love Birds… Time to go” he says as he smacks one of his fists against the ceiling, and a silver armored briefcase falls out into his arms.

“Ooomf!” he grunts, as it appears to have some weight to it.

The three of them make their way down to his workshop, which is now missing a wall, and head outside where there is a large Apocalyptic War Vehicle waiting.

Sprig and Nick, the two Legionnaires that stayed, are standing guard by the Vehicle.

“Everything’s good to go Sir” Nick speaks to The Mind.

With this The Mind comes to a halt “Sir??”

He then climbs atop the Vehicle, and opens up the Hatch above the Drivers Seat.

“Don’t call me Sir… In fact, don’t call me anything… If the two of you really want to throw away your lives by hanging with me, you report to Jarod here… Call him Sir” he says with a mocking smile, and gets into the Vehicle.

Jarod simply shakes his head “Nope, don’t call me Sir… Jarod’s good enough… But do Report to me” .

“You got it Captain” Nick Replies, and boards the top of the Vehicle.

Jarod roles his eyes at being called Captain.

Farahi laughs, and pats Jarod on the arm as she climbs atop the Vehicle. “Aye Aye Captain”.

Jarod follows her on top “You take Shot Gun next to The Mind, I’ll be in back with the Boys” Farahi nods, and enters the Passenger Side Portal.

N One Police State (New York, New York City)

N One Headquarters

High Senator Richards is in his Office, looking concerned.

Captain Raf Mulian enters.

“Sorry to disturb… We’ve issued The Canada 6 Legionnaires to Collect The Mind” he begins.

“But apparently two of the Legionnaires have joined The Mind, and are accompanying him to where ever he’s heading…” he finishes.

The Senator seems lost in thought.

“He also seems to have picked up a Mercenary, and a “Hunter” Humanitarian, so that makes six of them in all”.

“A “Hunter” Humanitarian?” The Senator questions.

“Yeah… A Hunter of Food, not Mutants… The Mind seems to be our only “Hunter” of Mutants” he replies.

“Oh… Okay” Senator Richards replies, but seems distracted.

“Also, the Mind appears to have Self Destructed Abraham Bendo Tower… Leaving nothing worth salvaging” he explains, but Senator Richards isn’t really paying attention.

“Sir?” Captain Raf questions him.

“I’m afraid The Mind and his Cronies are the least of our worries Captain…” Senator Richard replies.



PICTURE CREDIT – Post Apocalyptic Vehicle

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