Chess With Agatha (Chapter Eight) West Bound

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade




Morr, Jodan, Hemmingbyrd and Eight Dark Fortress of Doom Guards all on Horseback, await Agatha.

At Hemmingbyrd’s side is a Dark Brown Horse, which he has attached to his.

Meanwhile Iliad dances and does cartwheels about as he Sings a Song of Doom…

Ohhhh, Off They Go… Into Plightful Gloom…

Far Away… From Fortress Doom

Will The Bull Head… End Their Lives…

Cut Their Tongues Out… With Sacred Knives…

With this Hemmingbryd looks down at Iliad “Enough Fool…”.

“We haven’t even left the Fortress yet, and you’re “Sending us on our ways”” exclaims Hemmingbyrd.

Iliad stops “Sorry My Lord… I shall miss the lot of you”.

With this Morr looks at Iliad.

“Okay, maybe not you Morr…” Iliad states.

Just then Agatha appears, wearing Dark Blue and Black Leather Gear, her long golden lockets tied into a single braid running down her back, and her blue eyes glowing brightly.

Hemmingbyrd loses his breath for a moment.

Jodan and Morr note her almost jovial spirit.

Strapped to her side is Agamemnon’s Cherry Wood Cane.

“Good Morning all!” she states loud enough for all to hear, including the Fortress Guards… Who are otherwise Visaged in Dread.

“Good Morning Me Lady” The Guards reply in sync.

“Good Morrow Agatha!” Jodan speaks loud and clearly, pleased with her disposition.

Morr simply nods in her direction, and she in turn slightly smiles and nods.

“Well I must say My Lady, one would never guess that you had never partaken in a Grand Adventure before looking on you” Hemmingbyrd exclaims.

“Thank you Hemmingbyrd… Is this horse mine?” she asks of the Dark Brown Steed tied to his horse.

“Oh… Yes… Indeed… This is Cho… Your Father’s Horse’s Son…” Hemmingbyrd replies as Agatha mounts with ease to all of their surprise.

“I do believe he would have liked you to have it” Hemmingbyrd explains.

She pets Cho on the side of the face “He is lovely indeed” she replies.

“Goodbye My Lady” Iliad exclaims with a bow “May Good Fortune–” she then interrupts him.

“Wait… Iliad… Aren’t you coming?” she questions.

With this the Fortress Guards, Jodan and Hemmingbyrd begin to laugh slightly.

Morr does not.

“He is but the Fool My Lady” Jodan pronounces.

“Oh no… He is much more than that” Agatha Proclaims as her eyes darken.

Iliad in great surprise looks up at her, almost tearing.

“No one loves the Fool… My Lady…” Iliad explains.

“No, Iliad shall remain here… As is custom” speaks Hemmingbyrd.

“I Love the Fool” Agatha speaks to all’s surprise.

“And I here by Pronounce him to be My Second Bishop… Or Magician as it were… To accompany The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd” she announces with conviction.

The Dark Guards simply look at one another, mumbling in discontent and confusion.

“Ahh, I knew we couldn’t trust a young girl to lead us…” Jodan speaks, then rides off.

This brings a subtle smile to Morr’s face.

Hemmingbyrd is shocked, but somewhat amused and curious.

“Very well… Fool… I mean… Iliad, get yourself a horse and supplies at once” he exclaims, and turns and rides off with a smile.

Iliad smiles, though he also looks petrified… He runs off and gets a horse and supplies while Agatha and Morr wait.

Which of course, is awkward at best.

Agatha tries to start a friendly conversation “Won’t the sun kill you?”.

Morr reaches for his leather skin flask which is full of blood.

“Only in your world…” he replies.

“Oh…” Agatha replies.

“I want to apologize for all of my silly questions last night Morr… I didn’t mean to offend you… You  might say I was a bit in shock by all of this” Agatha explains.

“You impressed me girl… And that’s not easy to do… Do not let us down” with this he rides off, leaving her alone.

Iliad soon rides forward awkwardly on a great white horse, much to large for him.

“It was the only one that they could ready quickly enough” Iliad proclaims as he tries to stop by Agatha, but the horse wont obey, and so he is its prisoner as it follows after the other horses leaving Agatha alone.

She takes one last look at the Dark Fortress of Doom, and turns and goes.



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