The Storm Has Passed…

The Storm Has Passed

And Yet I Stand here…

The Black Sea is Calm

And I can see you…

Far Away… Beneath this Winter Moon

You Look the same…

Though, your Face is Less Clear now

Your Red Hair Still Glistens under the Moon, and Starlight…

And yet… It looks more faded

I have Mourned the Loss of you for 8 Months now…

And yet the Thought of you… Gone now

Never to Love Me again

I Fall to my Knees

What Fate Does this oh so Cruel Sky Hold for me…

I am a Capture of my Own Beating Heart

The One that Knew you…

The One… Who Loved you

Our Fifth Year has fallen to the Wind

And you have Moved on

Yes… The Storm has passed

But how long shall I Last Upon This Broken Barge…

Once a Flagship… To Some Greater Thing

Some… Sublime And Peaceful Place

A Warm Home

And Will My Heart Ever Return to me…

And Fall within My Chest…

Like Ten Thousand Falling Stars…

Breaching Me

Filling me… With a New Love

Leaving My Past Like a Battering Sea

Upon These Broken Cliffs

I Am Not Yours… No

Not anymore

Not for a Long, Long Time

We are no more

My Green Eyes Light Flickers…

Softly now

Oh that they might be Bright Again


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2 Responses to “The Storm Has Passed…”

  1. What beauty there is in this sadness…this overwhelming emotion.

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