Winter, Lust and Wonder| The Review

My Friend Vee Wrote a Review of My New Poetry Book that Blew Me Away… Rarely will you find such a Generous Heart… Thank you so much Vee


Beautiful Rumi

Winter, Lust and Wonder

When I finished reading the book” Winter, Lust and Wonder” I just had to call my mother.

I was deeply gripped with the urgency of just how short life is and just how many words I have left unspoken. That I am yet to say and may never even speak…The book is a collection of poems that will make you laugh out loud, cry, think and most of all appreciate life. The poems are wonderfully written and very thought provoking.

I was especially touched by the poem “Blue”, a special tribute to his aging mother. James Mahoney shows so clearly just how fast time goes by and the reality that our loved ones will one day leave us behind in this world. Worse, when we are not even ready. I had to call my mother just to hear her voice and hope that she too sticks out for a…

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