Chess With Agatha (Chapter IX) – The Red and Blue Forest

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER IX – The Red and Blue Forest

As The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, Jodan, Morr, Iliad, Agatha and Eight of The Dark Fortress of Doom’s Guard make their way through the Luminous Red and Blue Forest of Doth

Agatha’s Eyes are darting all about in absolute amazement.

Four Guards in front, four in back, Jodan behind the front guards, Morr all the way in back of the back guards… With Agatha, Hemmingbyrd and Iliad ridding in the middle.

“I have never seen anywhere like this Hemmingbyrd… Never… Not even remotely” Agatha explains in a barely audible whisper.

“Good” he simply replies.

“Do not fear My Lady… You are well protected” Iliad says trying to put her at ease, though he himself is shaking in his boots so to speak.

“Okay… Protected from what??” she replies, her eyes even wider and brighter blue than they were before, and still darting all about.

“We should make camp soon Wizard” Jodan looks back and speaks at Hemmingbyrd.

“Very well… Make it so” Hemmingbyrd dismissively replies.

“What? Here??” Agatha interjects, fear in her voice “We’re going to camp in this Forest??”.

“Oh dear” Iliad says quietly under his breath.

“You heard Jodan… Ambazo” Hemmingbyrd replies almost feistily, and then rides to the front to discuss it with Jodan”.

“Ambazo?” Agatha replies.

“Yeah tell me about it” Iliad replies, and then remembers that Agatha doesn’t understand Hemmingbyrd’s “Odd” words.

“Oh… Well… Basically it means–” he starts to explain, but Agatha interrupts.

“I get it… I get it… “Damn it Girl”” she replies as her eyes continue to dart about.

“Well… Yes… Basically” Iliad replies.


Jodan and the Guards have made a fire, and four of them are standing guard while the others get some rest… Planning to rotate shifts in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, Jodan, Iliad, Hemmingbyrd and Agatha sit by the fire cooking meat on a stick.

Morr is by his mount, rustling around in one of his bags.

“Tell me about this place Hemmingbyrd…” Agatha requests with the utmost of interest in her voice.

Hemmingbyrd takes a stringy, chewy bite of the rodent that the guards had caught them for dinner “Blark!!” then spits it out, and tosses the stick in the fire.

“I’ll stick to Sourdust” he speaks.

He then looks at Agatha who is patiently waiting.

“Icy… Dead… Walkers” is all he says, and then rises and stretches.

“Alright then, I’m off, get some sleep you all” and walks off to his sleeping place.

Meanwhile Agatha’s eyes are as wide as they’ve been.

“Gotta love that Wizard… Get to sleep you two, you’ll need the rest, we’ve a long ride to Yokade Labrynth the next few days” he says, and then goes to talk to one of the guards.

“Yokade Labrynth??” Agatha is hardly able to utter, as Iliad gets under his “not warm enough” blanket.

“Yeah… Sure… If the Icy Dead Walkers don’t kill us first” he mumbles as he falls to sleep almost immediately.

This of course leaves no one to talk to… But Morr.

Just as Morr finishes up whatever he’s doing with his saddle bags, he turns to find Agatha standing there.

“Icy Dead Walkers??” she plainly states.


PICTURE CREDIT – Red and Blue Forest


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