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Self Publishing Update… Beware Bright Colors

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So you may Need Sunglasses for these… I took a Sample of My Maroon Version of my Poetry Book “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” into that Local Bookstore I had planned on.

I then called the next day or so to make sure the Manager Received it, as they weren’t there when I dropped it off.

She was in the middle of a hectic day, but nice… And had a Sticky Note saying that it had been dropped off for her, but she couldn’t find the Yellow Envelope I had it in anywhere.

So she took my number, and said she’d call the gentlemen I had left it with and ask him where it might be.

At this point, I wasn’t sure I’d be hearing from her again, even though she was quite nice… She just sounded a bit like one of those “Over Worked” Managers, so I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

A Day Later, Today, she called me and said they’d like to carry a few in the Store… Now this is Consignment, so who knows if any will actually ever sell.. But still, IT’S IN A STORE!!! lol

One thing she did say was that because there are no Words along the Spine, it might not sell… (It’s a fairly thin Book, so there basically isn’t enough space to put a Title on the Spine)… So she recommended that I consider having some Printed in Brighter Colors… As she has the Maroon One, and I had told her that I also have Dark Blue and Dark Green available if she’d like to have one or two of each color in the store.

This was By Design, as I Wrote these Poems in the Winter, so I wanted Darker, Warmer Colors. However, after talking to her, I decided what’s the point of having Dark Warm Colors, if people never see the Book? As she said it would be difficult for people to see them on shelf.

So I decided to Create a Bunch of Brightly Colored Versions, Print them up, and take a look at them… Once I have maybe 6 Brightly Colored Versions, I’ll let her choose Which Three she’d like to have in the Store.

It’s not exactly the look I was going for, but to be honest with you, The Content is the Thing. And more than that, My Main Intention is to Develop a Relationship with The Store, so as I continue to Self Publish My Books, be it Poetry Books, or Novels… That they will consider Carrying a Few in their Store each time.

So… Forgive me for these Colors, but if it draws attention to them on the shelf, at this point, it serves the Better Long Term Goal, if you know what I mean.

I’ll Continue to Update you as I go

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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The Mortal Man

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The Mortal Man

Long Dark Coat Clad…

Hair Black

Black Stomping Boots of Fading Light

So busy looking Forward…

Rarely Looks Behind

Forward Skies of Powder Periwinkle Blue

He Casts a Gaze Back…

Over his shoulder

To Catch a Blackened Cloud…

The Size of a Sea

It Follows Thee

Look how it Starts to Rain Now

He Pulls in His Coat…

Brings Down His Head

From Pocket brings forth Bottled Light

“Hmm… Only Three Left”

“Looks Like I’ll Fade”

“Like All The Rest…”

And so Waves

“Come Blackness… Come”

“I Beckon Thee”

Must Learn to Swim

This Blackness It Brings

“I Shall Not Go Alone…”

“Though Skies Have Changed…”

“My Heart Remains…”

Feeling… Warmer

Beating… Harder

Than Ever it Has Before

Though Cold Front Comes…

Like Beating Drum

I’m Stronger…

Than I Ever Was

I Love The Rain…

And Welcome The Cold

I’m Not Nearly Done



PHOTO CREDIT – The Black Coat

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