The Black King

The Black King

In a Time of Need…

The Wide Eyed Boy Summons Forth

He Who Has No Name

And Has No Past…

And yet

Is Known by all

As The Black King…

The Great Gates Open Before Him…

Sword Down… He Steps Within

All Eyes Upon Him… He Knows No Fear

Black As Night…

He Moves

A Silver Army Lay Before Him…

Throned Before Him…

The Foolish Man King

In All His Gold and Glory

“You Dare Threaten Me” The Man King Stands and Inquires

“A Foolish Winged Boy”…

The Black King Does Not Answer

The Man King Angers

“Answer Me Boy Who Would Call Himself The Black King”

The Man King Demanded

The Winged Boy Raised His Sword

“I Am King By Actions… Not Decree”

The Armies Raised Their Bows…

And Waited for the Sign

The Winged King, Faced The Man King…

None Would Survive


PICTURE CREDIT – Dark Anime Pictures

More Poems/Scribblings by DarkJade



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