Chess With Agatha (Chapter X) – Yokade Labyrinth

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER X – Yokade Labyrinth


“So there we were… Jodan, Morr, Hemmingbyrd,  Iliad and eight of the Dark Fortress of Doom Guards…”.

“All on our horses, sitting, staring at the Great Entrance Walls of The Yokade Labyrinth before us”.

“The Walls looked to be maybe eighteen feet in height…”.

And made of an “Unclimbablegrey stone”.

“Yes, we had made it through the night in the Red and Blue Forest of Doth, without an “Icy… Dead… Walkers” incident”.

“But sitting here… Now… Before these Great Walls… That fact delivers no solace”.

“Sooo… Why are we here again?” Agatha asks.

“Simple My Dear…” Hemmingbyrd cheerfully replies.

“Your First Knight, Sir Elm of Tardenwhal, has been captured by The Evil Minotaur Orft” he explains as he dismounts from his steed, and ties it to the wall.

The Others quickly do the same.

“And “We” must rescue him” with this he raises one finger into the air, and approaches Agatha.

“By the way Agatha, I have something for you” he says, as he pulls forth an ornate dark wood box from within his Blue Wizard’s Robes.

He opens it, and brings forth an Amulet on a Silver Chain… The Amulet is a Deep Blue.

He then places it around her neck.

“There you are…” he says and smiles.

Meanwhile Iliad is watching every move, and as he is, he plays with the Yellow Stoned Ring on his finger, which Hemmingbyrd had returned to him several days back.

“Here’s to better health I say” Hemmingbyrd decrees.

“Alingbore” he says, and begins to walk into the Labyrinth.

Iliad seems pleased by Hemmingbyrd giving Agatha the gift.

“Are we ready then” Jodan says to the rest of the group, and he, and the Dark Fortress of Doom Guards follow Hemmingbyrd… As does Iliad and Agatha.

But once again, Morr is at his saddle bags, and pulls out a one and a half foot long black leather wrapped item, and puts it into his crushed red velvet vest’s inside pocket… All of his other attire is black.

Just as he is doing this, Agatha looks back after him, to see where he is… He is some thirty to forty feet away.

And sees him place the item in his vest.

It is at this exact moment that Morr suddenly looks up at her, his eyes blaring yellow again.

With this, she quickly looks back ahead of her…

But just as she does, she suddenly feels a cold hand on her shoulder…

“See anything you like” he states.

It’s Morr… Like a streak of light, he’s moved right behind her in a blink.

She quickly clutches her Deep Blue Amulet and replies “Not so much”.

“Good” he says as he walks by her, his eyes back to normal black.

“That won’t protect you from me by the way” he speaks as he passes.

“Your enemy must be alive for it to be of any use…”

He then looks back at her “Which I am not”.

Agatha’s eyes glow bluer once more.

“You are not my Enemy Morr” she replies almost as if she had no part in pushing the words out.

“Indeed” he replies with a sneer, and looks away.




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