Editing “I Died Once” (I.D.O.)

Editing “I Died Once” (I.D.O.)

And so the time has Finally Come, that I must Roll Up My Sleeves (Though I generally wear Short Sleeves Shirts, lol), and Begin the “Editing” Process on My Novella, “I Died Once”, or “I.D.O.”.

Granted, after doing some research, it isn’t necessarily technically Long Enough to be called a Novella… It appears to fit more in the Category of “Short Story”, being it’s only around 6,500 Words at the moment.

But to be honest with you, it just doesn’t feel like a Short Story to me.

And so chances are, I shall be a Literary Rogue, and call it a Novella anyway.

Now, Once This Book is Edited, and I determine a Cover for it, I will be Ready to Self Publish it… Which would make for My Second Self Published Effort, and My First Ever Published Story… As opposed to Poetry.

I’m currently going through it now, which takes patience, which I don’t always have when it comes to things like this… But I feel I should Clean It Up a bit, prior to approaching My Editor (A.K.A. My Oldest Sister, lol), as What I’ve Written is Truly A First Draft.

Not only that, as I Wrote The Whole Thing right here on The Written Word, the grammar will indeed be very rough. And as to a degree, as I’ve said before, when I Write on this Site, I pretty much Treat it like a Writing Journal, in order to Keep The Writing Flow Going.

In other words, it’s pretty much straight from my head, onto the page… Leaving much to be desired in regards to Grammar.

But that’s by design. I suppose My Grammar would be better if I was actually what you’d call “A Reader”, but in all honesty, though I Write Like There’s No Tomorrow, I’ve never been all that much of a Reader. Which might partly explain why I pursued Film Making, prior to Writing as a Career.

Film Making was My Passion, and Now Writing is My Passion.

That said, once I go over it and Edit it a bit, I will/shall approach My Oldest Sister, and see if she could give me an idea when, or if she could begin Editing it.

She, in My Opinion, did a Lovely Job Editing My Poetry Book Winter, Lust, And Wonder, and so I suspect she will do a Good Job on this as well. And she is Indeed, an Avid Reader.

For those of My Readers that haven’t had a chance to check it out, I’d Love To Hear Your Feedback (About the Story, not the Grammar, lol), especially before it Goes To Print in what I’m hoping will be March, or April of This Year.

It’s a Pretty Short Read, so it shouldn’t take you too long should you like to give it a go, I would Much Appreciate it.

Or if you Already Have Read it, I’d like to Hear Your Thoughts and Opinions as well.

Here It is;

“I Died Once” (I.D.O.)

Thanks for Reading and Listening as Usual…

And I shall Keep You My Readers Updated on how this project is going, as it develops.


PICTURE CREDIT – Water Girl by Monica Gomes



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