Tales of The Dark Rider – It Ends Here



Ukorian and Iloh enter the Ornlorr Forest on horseback, in hope of finding Elsya.

“What makes you think these Assassins won’t come after us” Ukorian calls out to Iloh as they ride.

“Oh they will… But it’s better if we’re in numbers” she replies.

Suddenly a White Owl appears, and seems to be following them.

They stop their horses.

“Why have you come here” both of them hear a woman’s voice in their heads.

With this The White Owl lands on Iloh’s arm.

“We’ve come looking for Elsya… We mean you no harm” Iloh replies to the Owl.

The White Owl then flies a few feet away, and transforms into a Female Elf… It’s Elsya.

“Elsya…” Iloh bows “It’s good to see you well…”.

“And why wouldn’t I be well… Why have the two of you come here” questions Elsya who seems almost agitated to see them.

“It’s Dark Rider… We fear he may be in danger” Iloh explains.

With this Elsya’s blue white eyes shift to dark lavender.


Deep inside a hidden cave Dark Rider has become much weaker.

Like he hasn’t been fed in several days… Which he hasn’t.

Suddenly he hears a noise…

“It is me Brother… Flynn” suddenly a Ranger steps out of the shadows.

“Do you not recognize me…” Flynn asks, as Dark Rider tries to see straight.

He then smiles.

“Flynn… Is it really you… Or am I dreaming my way out of this world of Light” Dark Rider replied.

“We haven’t much time Brother… Theliad and Axxafor are guarding the entrance, but a henchman will be along soon to check on you… Now tell me… How do I release you from these Enchanted Blue Chains” questions Flynn as he kneels and approaches.

Suddenly a voice comes out of the shadows…

“Dark Rider has a Brother… How amusing” and into the light steps The Scarlet Bandit.



PICTURE CREDITS – Digital Forest, White Haired Elf, Ranger,

Tales of The Dark Rider

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Dark Rider Season 1 and 2



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