Turning Point

Turning Point

Something’s Changing…

And I’m Not… Comfortable

The Pain Hasn’t gone away


With Me It’s stayed

I Miss You…

And there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about that…

But… You’re Not Coming back

We Never Dealt with certain things…

No… We Stayed for the love

You Are Beautiful…

And I miss the Little Things

Your hair

Your Spirit…

Your Laugh

Your Humor

And Your Love

My Hearts Been Broken…

Four Times More than I could have ever forseen

I Lay Here trying to stand…

I Must Get Up Again

Bloodied… Wounded


And Alone…

I Step Into The Light

I Walk Further into The Night

Eyes Teary and Wide

Arms Broken, but Open

Hoping… for something more

I Guess I’m not Easily Broken…

I Seek Love…



PICTURE CREDIT – Climate Change

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