DarkJade… The Meaning Behind The Name

DarkJade… The Meaning Behind The Name

I was talking about the Meaning Behind My Name “DarkJade” to a Friend of mine today… To give them a bit of Insight behind it, as this friend was helping me Design a Banner for My Other Blog, The Dark Globe.

And “Dark” in that name is Derived from “Dark” in DarkJade…

She Suggested that I should Write a Post about it sometime, and so here I am. I have talked to a few people about it in My About Page a While back, but I doubt many have read the Comments on that Page.

So Here is the History behind The Name DarkJade…

First of all The Word Dark; It all started back in The Year 2000… I had moved to Eugene Oregon to Work on Short Films with my Brother, who lived there.

I Needed/Wanted a Name for My Film Company, so I came up with the Name “DarkLight Films“…

Now DarkLight was Derived from this; Not that I’m all into the whole “Aura” thing, but having heard the phrase here and there, and how some people say you can see a person’s Aura sometimes, I figured If I Had An Aura, I bet it would be a Dark Blue in Color… As opposed to maybe Yellow, or one of those Brighter Colors…

And so it would be a… “Dark“… “Light“… As Opposed to a “Light”, “Light” I suppose… which I believe most people associate with an Aura.

So That’s how I came up with the Name “DarkLight Films”…

Beyond that, I thought it kind of had a Cool Double Meaning as well, like in Dark, and Light Side of the Force… Which I thought was cool, especially since The Original Two Star Wars Films were a Major Part of why I ended up Pursuing Film Making.

So That’s How/Where the Word “Dark” came from when calling myself “DarkJade”…

Now The History Behind The Name Jade Comes From This;
When I was a kid, maybe 9 or 10, I started to Write a Novel Called “One Knight“… As some of you may be aware from My “One Knight” Site, where I started to Write This Childhood Concept Novel once again…

Anyway, the Main Female Character in The Novel is Named Jade… She is the Wife of The Main Knight Character, and a Character I very much Admired… I made Her Strong, and Well Versed with a Bow… And in the Story, she, and Woman she ends up Training at some point, end up Protecting Her and Her Knight Husbands Castle from Enemies, well he is off Battling Sorcerers and Dragons and such… Like most Fantasy Knights do, right? lol

Now the Second Place that the Name Jade comes from is, when I was in Eugene Oregon working on Short Films, I also sat down and Wrote a First Draft to a Screenplay Called “White Jade“.

Now in this case, “White Jade” was the name of a Japanese Order of Priests.

So that’s where the Name DarkJade comes from… Dark from my “Possible Aura Color” and “DarkLight Films“, and Jade from “One Knight” and “White Jade“… Wola, lol

And if you’re wondering about all of these “Anime'” Portraits… Each one of them has been My Avatar at some point, lol

Why Young Male Anime’ Characters? Because for some reason I relate with them… The Drama… The Pensiveness… The Vibrant Color, or Stark Darkness… And The Vitality. All parts of who I feel I am to a degree, especially Creatively.

And Because “DarkJade” is to a degree The “Catalyst” of My Creative Endeavors, why should he not also have an “Appearance” of his own.

And Now yah know, lol

Thanks for Reading/Listening


6 Responses to “DarkJade… The Meaning Behind The Name”

  1. I enjoyed reading that. o: Gave me a better insight into who you are. Jade is a beautiful name…

  2. Interesting story, no wonder your name is so unique.

  3. I like the “Jade” in your name…every time I read it, it reminds me of the green stone Jade which I like very much 🙂

    • Thank you Niki… I love the name Jade Myself… It also reminds me of the Stone… I actually used to carry a Piece of Jade around with me, and rub it between my fingers… It was a gift from My Mom

      Thanks for your Comment Niki


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