Trying So Hard

This is Dedicated to My Friend Across The Sea…

Trying So Hard

She is so young…

But not that young

She’s lived a Life…

And Longs for More

She Tries so hard…

And is Thankful for it

Sometimes she cries…

You wouldn’t know it

She Hides it well

She doesn’t show it

She is My Friend…

On Distant Shore

Talent to no End…

She Fights for more

I Grant you This…

Independent one

The Strength of Hope…

Your Wounds to mend

The Dreams you want…

They are Real

They’ve Always been

Just What You Feel

I Wish You Well



2 Responses to “Trying So Hard”

  1. DarkJade, this is beautiful. Thank you so much ❤

    I read this on my lunchbreak and on the way home it actually made me smile thinking that someone on the other side of the world cares so much. So thank you again, I'm so honoured you wrote something for me 🙂

    • Your Comments on My Writing have had the Strongest Affect on me, You’re so Generous and Elaborate… And, you are a Powerful, and Beautiful Soul… One of My Greatest Finds since I found WordPress, is You… You are By Far My Favorite Writer on WordPress, and I think of you as a Dear Friend… And so if You are Struggling, it Definitely Affects me.

      I Care About Your Well Being, And I Admire You as a Person, and a Writer.

      You Are Special, and You Are Important… Never Forget that


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