The Daughter’s of James… Ocean Home

It was a Beautiful Oceany Day, as the Black Range Rover drove into the half circle driveway of the 4,000 Square Foot Ocean Front Home…

Jade was the first to jump out of the back of the Vehicle, as she and Scarlett both preferred to ride in back, so that they could play and talk to one another as they journeyed in Their Father James’s SUV.

She wore a Light Purplish, Bluish colored outfit, shorts and tank top… Her Long Straight Light Blond Hair Glistening from the Peaking Sunlight… And Eyes Glimmering Green…

“COME ON SCARLETT!! HURRY” she hallered after the Quiet Scarlett, who slowly slid out of the back of the SUV as well, her head down, holding a Hand Help Video Game… Football, believe it or not… She was wearing a similar out fit, but hers was a dark blue…

“I’M COMING! HOLD ON!!” Scarlett called after as she did her utmost to beat her Personal Best on the Game.

Scarlett on the other hand had Dark, Shoulder Length, Wavy Hair… And Eyes of Dark Brown.

Now they could both get away with yelling like this at their “Now New Home” Address, as Jade was just 9, and Scarlett, only 8.

So, to a degree, High Pitch Screeches were to be Expected… And in most cases, a Welcome Sound to Nearby Neighbors, as James had always made sure to live around “Family Focused/Heavy” areas.

As Jade got onto her tiptoes Peaking over The Fence, trying to see the Sea, James exited the vehicle as well.

His Hair a Dark to Medium Brown, and Eyes of Green… James stood 6′ Tall, with a Medium Build.

“Are you two hungry?!” he asked, as he moved towards the great dark wooden doorway, and opened it up.

“I’M NOT HUNGRY DADDY!!” Jade yelled as she ran past James, and into the house.

James smiled and waited patiently as Scarlett walked methodically by looking down and holding onto the Football Video Game…

“I’m not hungry either Daddy” she spoke, and he reached down and gently took the game out of her hands…

“Run along now Scarlett, go find your Sister” and so she did.

Inside the home was fairly spacious, and yet Warm and Cozy some how. Perhaps it was the Older Paintings James lined the walls with, which came from different places all across the World… Landscapes and Portraits of Locals for the most part.

As he entered, he could see that Jade and Scarlett had made their way out onto the Deck, and we’re leaning over the railing in excitement, looking at the few people that were upon the Sands of The Sea.

“CAREFUL NOW!” he announced to the Girls “DON’T LEAN TOO FAR OVER!”, but they didn’t really pay him much mind.

“THIS IS BEAUTIFUL DADDY!! MAY SCARLETT AND I GO SWIMMING!!” Jade yelled as she ran in the house, and began to make her way about, trying to find Her and Scarlett’s Bedroom.

To the left of the Deck was The Kitchen, with its window overlooking the Ocean View… James sat down his keys on the White Counter outside the Kitchen, which had several Bar Stools for the kids to eat at… And then headed out onto the deck where Scarlett was still looking over the view, people, and homes about.

James stepped outside, and picked her up into his arms, still allowing her to face forward…

“So… What do you think Little One…” he asked

Scarlett seemed a bit sad, as she often did, but replied “It’s very lovely Daddy… I Love The Sea…”.

“As do I my sweet” he kissed her on her forehead “As do I” then sat her down.

James then headed in to the room off to the left of the Kitchen, which was a Very Nice Study, with a Desk, A Computer and some two or three hundred books lining the Walls… All of Shakespeare’s Works to be sure, as he was James Favorite Writer.

Another Beautiful, and Vast Ocean View Accompanied This Room as well, and James let out a Deep Breath when he entered… As if he had finally arrived where he had always wanted to be… When in fact, he had.

Just then Scarlett peaked in the door behind him “Is this where you will work Daddy?” she asked curiously.

With this James quickly turned around and faced her “Yes… Yes… Indeed it is” and then picked her up, and stood her up on his desk so she could see the Ocean View.

“This is where Daddy will Do All of His Writing…” he exclaimed.

Just then Jade ran in the room in her Bathing Suit, and a Large Green and White Towel Wrapped Around her, and grabbed onto Scarlett’s Arm, and dragged her out of the room “COME ON SCARLETT!! GET YOUR SUIT ON, THE SUN WILL BE GOING DOWN SOON…” she exclaimed.

“BUT I DON’T WANT TO GO SWIMMING!” Scarlett replied, an unwilling Capture to her Older Sister “I WANT TO WRITE WITH DADDY!!” she finished.

James smiled at this…

“This will be a Good Home” he spoke under his breath.

“COME ON DADDY!!” called Jade from the other room, and James could hear the Front Door Open, and then Close again, and he laughed.


PICTURE CREDIT – Vladimir Volegov Beyond the Sea

Also be sure to Read Hamlet & The Daughter’s of James



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