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Amazing Iceland Video

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My Friend Ana Did The Most Amazing Post on Iceland, which you can Find Here Places to Visit in Iceland… I would really recommend that you Check it Out… It has some Amazing Videos Accompanied By Music, as well as Photos from Iceland.

My Absolute Favorite Video From The Post is Below

Thanks For Sharing This Ana… It is just Tremendous

Hope you Guys Enjoyed it



Screenplay Writing – The Use Of Music

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It’s funny, I was going through some Old Writing Files I have on this Computer, that I had transferred from one of my Older Computers… The Files were Created Back When I was Focusing on Screenplay Writing back between 2003 and 2006.

I had Completed One Screenplay, Completely Edited it, and it was basically Ready To Go… However, I was always Creating New Beginnings of Screenplays, which often never made it very far… But I found that it was Important just to be Writing as Much as Possible, even if it wasn’t very good, and even if you never touched it again, lol

Today I came across such an Experimental Writing, which is Completely Not Formatted, Edited or anything more than a “Right Out of My Head”, and “On To Paper” kind of thing.

But one thing I did do, which if I recall I often did whilst Writing Potential Screenplays, was “Write Down Music” that might be played in the Scene…

Now Reading This, it seems almost more like a “Written for T.V. Movie”, lol… Which is ok, and some of the Music I chose along the way I know, and already liked… And some, frankly, I have no idea where I came up with it… Maybe I was listening to some sort of Online Radio Station or something, Though This Particular Piece looks to have been Written Back in 2005, so I’m not sure if I was aware of any Online Radio Stations at that time, as I Often Listen to “Pandora” these days, or Put My “ITunes” On Random.

Anyway, I thought it might be kind of fun to Share This Piece with you, not so much for the Writing, as like I say, it looks to have been something that popped in my head, so I Wrote it down… But more so to show you how Music can Play a Part in Writing a Screenplay, just like it plays a Major Part in The Actual Film itself.

Enjoy, I hope you get something out of this, lol

O.S. = Off Screen

V.O. = Voice Of

EXT. = Outside

INT. = Inside



(This Was a Working Title only)

A Screenplay


 James Mahoney




(Robert Palmer: Simply Irresistible) – Film Starts with a Black Screen, and This Song Playing

(Song Continues in the Background)

PETER (V.O) – “So… Tell me again what the stories about…”






JOHN (V.O.) – “Well… I haven’t gotten it exactly figured out quite yet…”




In the passenger seat JOHN, a thirty something year old male, and driving, PETER, his younger brother, make their way into the mountains of Big Bear California.


JOHN – “But I know that part of it will include this guy’s wife cheating and leaving him…”



PETER – “Wow…”


(Half Pause)


PETER – “That’s depressing man…”


(Half pause)


JOHN – “Thanks…”


PETER – “What happened to those types of stories you used to write when we we’re kids…”


(Half pause)


JOHN – “Like…”


PETER – “Oh… I Don’t know… Like the one where the kid hides away in the attic of his school…”


(Half pause)


PETER – “And reads that magical book that allows him to see into that magical world…”




JOHN – “Big dragon dog…”


PETER – “Yeah! That’s the one…”


(Half pause)


PETER – “And the kid’s like tucked up in that attic with a little paper bag lunch… And when the characters in the book stop to eat… Like… So does he…”


“And it’s like raining outside…”


(Half pause)


JOHN – “The Never Ending Story…”


PETER – “Yeah!! That’s the one… That was great!”


(Quarter pause)


JOHN – “That was a movie Peter…”




PETER – “Oh…”

That’s Enough, as I don’t like Posts To Get Too Long, but I’ll Do Part II of this Soon…

Until then, I leave you with a Couple More Robert Palmers Vids

This is Actually A Great Song

Robert Palmer – Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

And The One That Started it all

Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love

Thanks for Reading/Listening




8 Mirrors

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8 Mirrors

Standing in the Center…

Out of My Control

Your Eyes Blue…



And Gold

If I tell you I’m Sorry…

Will you let me go

If I told you I Loved you…

Would you Already Know

I’ve Love To give…

But You Don’t Want it… No

I Step Away… You Knock me down

Run For The Light…

Your Touch Ignites

A Flame Inside…

I Can’t Control

Say You Don’t Want Me…

And So I’m Alone

I Rip My Heart Out…

You Turn To Ice

I Fall To My Knees…

A Fools Device

Eyes Bleeding…

I Should Have Known

Wound’s Deep…

Love Sets Its Tone

Listen… At 4:25 On The Video, Read The Poem Again