Chess With Agatha (Chapter XII) – The Curse

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade




Within The Throne Room sits The Dark King Eterr, as his Queen Sorceress Olamna paces slowly around the Great Green Orb of Da-tok…

The Great Glowing Green Sphere is some twenty inches in diameter, and looks as though Green Smoke leaks from it.

“Tell Me My Queen… What does the Great Orb of Da-tok tell you…” questions King Eterr with Mocking Authority.

“They are within the Yokade Labyrinth…” she replies as she waves her hands around the orb.

“And what of the Minotaur Orft…” he demands.

“He has Struck Down one of their Guards… Leaving The Blue Wizard behind to care for him” she responds.

“Tell me about… Agatha” he says, which gets The Queens attention.

Suddenly she flies across the room, and places her long dark claw like fingernails against her King’s Throat.

“Worry you not about the Young Girl My King…” she says in a threatening tone “Her Power, shall be mine”.


The Party moves slowly forward, having left Hemmingbyrd and two of The Dark Fortress of Doom’s Guards behind. Including the one that has been wounded.

Suddenly Jodan raises his right hand in the air, indicating the Party to stop.

“I smell him…” suddenly Jodan’s eyes turn a deep red, and he begins to transform horridly into The Great Dark Wolf Beast, standing some eight feet tall, his fur almost black.

Jodan turns and faces the Party, his face that of a Great Wolf “Wait Here” he says in a growl.

He then bounds in great unnatural leaps forward, rounding the many curves and twists in the Labyrinth.

With this Agatha takes two steps forward “Where is he going??” before being stopped by Morr, who reaches over and places his left hand firmly against her chest.

“Don’t worry about Jodan…” he plainly states.

“You mustn’t let them harm The Minotaur Orft” Agamemnon’s voice suddenly returns in Agatha’s head.

“What?? What do you mean… He Holds My Knight?? Sir Elm of Tardenwhal” she thinks back to him.

Suddenly Jodan in Wolf Beast Form comes flying through the air, as if being thrown… And when he hits the ground, he comes out of Wolf Form… “RUN!!” he yells.

Out of the dark suddenly comes Orft, his massive Minotaur Form charging straight at the Dark Fortress Guards, as they try their best to throw up their shields.

Morr brings Jodan to his feet in one quick movement, and with his other arm tucks Agatha behind him.

Meanwhile the Guards are scattered everywhere when Orft strikes!

“Oommmfff!! Ummpphh!!” they exclaim as they strike the Labyrinth walls surrounding them.

“The Curse Agatha! The Curse!!” Agamemnon’s voice rings through Agatha’s head.

Orft is now at the back of the party, his Great Spear in his hand, he readies to charge again.

“What Curse??” Agatha questions Agamemnon.

“Stay here!” Morr says as he moves like light at the Minotaur, but is knocked aside by Orft’s Great Spear.

“Argahhh!! Morr yells as he strikes the nearby wall.

Orft then eyes Agatha, his black eyes gleaming.

“Orft… Is Sir Elm of Tardenwhal!!” Agamemnon’s voice echoes in Agatha’s head.

“Oh no” Agatha suddenly says out loud… As Orft begins his charge.




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2 Responses to “Chess With Agatha (Chapter XII) – The Curse”

  1. Oh, this is awesome! So tense. You truly do have so much talent for creating pieces like this.

    • Thank you so much Anna

      I really Love These Characters, and the way it works for me is Once I’ve Created Characters, they basically take on a Life of Their own, within the World/Concept/Story Plot I have in Mind… If that makes sense… So I look just as forward to what each of them will do as I Write Along.

      Thanks for the Your Comment and Compliment Anna, it means a lot


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