Winter, Lust, And Wonder – In Store… The New Colors Have Arrived

So as any of you who have been Following My Self Publishing Adventures Know, I’ve been Waiting for 7 New Colors to Arrive From CreateSpace, who is now My Primary Winter, Lust, And Wonder Printer.

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The Goal Being to Choose 3 of the 7 New Colors, as Stock for The Local Bookstore that I’ve gotten My Poetry Book Into.

Well, sadly, 4 out of the 7 Had Creases on the Back Covers (Don’t Worry, CreateSpace Credited Me For Them), and that’s Not The Kind of Quality I plan to Supply This Store… That said, Pretty Much All 7 Came Out Great, but being only 3 of them are in Good Shape, those are the 3 that I’m going to Give to the Store for their Stock.




Now Keep In Mind, The Store Manager is the one that Suggested Bright Colors, because it’s a Fairly Small Thin Book, and she was Afraid that the Dark Colors Might not be seen, if the Book ended up being Turned Sideways, as opposed to Cover Forward.

And she mentioned Orange and Yellow, lol… Colors I would have never considered… So, that being said, I would have never Chosen Yellow, lol. But, I’m going to Show her this, and make sure this was the type of Yellow she was talking about.

And Thus, These 3 Colors are the One’s I’m giving her as a Starting Stock.

The First 2 Came out Great, and The Yellow, well, like I say, we’ll see if this was what she was thinking.

I can always Change it, or Drop it all together for one of the other 4 Colors that are now available, which I really like.

That Makes 10 Total Colors Available now, Including My Original Maroon, Dark Blue, and Dark Green.

The Books Can All Be Picked Up on My Winter, Lust, And Wonder Page Here Winter, Lust, And Wonder… I’ve had to Raise The Price a Little, so that They’re Not A Lot Cheaper than The Store Price, Which They Were, but For My Readers and Comrades In Ink I’ve Also Increased The Discount Code to 30% Off.

Wish Me Luck, I’m dropping them off at the Store Today

Thanks For Listening/Reading


2 Responses to “Winter, Lust, And Wonder – In Store… The New Colors Have Arrived”

  1. Hi,
    I have to agree, bright colours do make things stand out more. If you walk into a shop and something is very bright, your eyes seem to go to that spot first. I love the yellow colour, not bad at all. 🙂

    • I Agree, and She Knows Her Store… It doesn’t matter what the Content is, if No One Ever Sees it, lol

      I actually like all of the Colors so far

      Thanks for The Comment Mags


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