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Dark Jade Going Viral

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As I Expand Beyond Writing, and Beyond Self Publishing, I have found myself Deep In The Heart of Marketing

An Area I don’t Mind all that much, as I was in Sales for 8+ Years, Customer Service for 2-4 Years, and Have Been doing Marketing Consulting over 4 years for an Architect in Southern California.

None the less, Marketing is a “Whole Different Animal” then “Writing”, or “Self Publishing”… That is for sure.

As Marketing has Officially become one very Essential Element to my Overall Creative Efforts, I thought I’d Create A Site Which Focuses on My Overall Marketing Efforts, Including Things I’m Markting From The Written Word (My Creative Writing Efforts), The Dark Globe (My Journalism), White Jade (My Comic Book), Dark Xperience (My Strictly Music Posting Site) and DarkJade PUBLISHING (Which is what I call My Self Publishing Efforts)…

This Site is Called DarkJade Going Viral… In Addition to My Marketing Efforts, I will also be Posting About Things, and People that in My Opinion “Are” Going Viral, or “Most Likely Will Be”… This can Include Musicians, Films, Products Etc.

I figure, if Marketing is Such an Essential Part of what We Writers Do These Days… We may as well Embrace, and Talk about it… I would Love to have Any of you who are Interested in This Subject Join me over there as well, it should be Pretty Cool…

I Also Hope from time to time you will be able to take something from my Marketing Related Posts.

Thanks for Listening/Reading



Dark Rider Early Sketches From My Nephew

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These are just some Preliminary Sketches from My Nephew, but I thought it would be Cool/Fun to share the process with you guys as I experience it myself… This Sketch here is Elysa, The Shape Shifting Elf who showed up First in Owl Form in The Original Dark Rider Post Here Dark Rider. She started out Following him, but later Joined his Party.

The White Owl is the Form She Takes when Transformed.

Elsya is The Guardian of The Dark Rider, though he may not realize this, from the Rendolyn Elves… A Race of Elves that he befriended and helped in his past.

What he doesn’t realize is that she’s also chosen him as a mate, but until he realizes it on his own, she will not likely tell him.


Largoth is an Elven Thalon Mercenary from the Elven Village of Rodomor, A different, more Human Relating Clan of Elves than Elysa’s Clan who live far away from Humans… Dark Rider had befriended him several years back… Largoth Shows up Here in Part Two of The Original Dark Rider Series Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia and travels with him for most of that Series. He is, however, Killed at the beginning of the “Tales of The Dark Rider” Series which takes place two years after the Original Series.

I Love this Drawing.




I Love This Drawing… It absolutely Captures what I had pictured with the Female Asian/Human Mercenary Iloh (Her First Appearance is Seen Here in Part Six of The Original Series Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon).

Iloh is in The Original “Dark Rider” Series, and also returns in the “Tales of The Dark Rider“.

That’s all for now, My Nephew is also working on some “Captain Fire 197” Drawings, which I’m very anxious to see… And plans on doing more Detail on the “Dark Rider” Drawings.

I will continue to show you Most of the Drawings that he sends me, These were actually Texted to My Phone, lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading


Dark Riders & Tales of The Dark Rider Series

Captain Fire 197 Series

Captain Fire 197 – Unleashed

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Jenna stands before one of the Druggy’s that’s trying to take her down, Frothing at her mouth, Her Eyes dead…

“NO!! YOU DON’T WANTA DO THIS!!!” he yells before she raises her arm lifting him through telekinesis, and throws him against a nearby wall.


All about are either unconscious, or dead Drug Dealers, or Druggy’s who tried to stop her.


THE 197



The Toodlock Thire Police Forces have surrounded the Building, and Nisho and Tamaron watch from a nearby alleyway.

“We can’t just leave her alone in there, I’m going back in” Nisho says and starts to walk away… But Tamaron grabs her arm.

“Nisho are you sure that’s such a good idea?” Tamaron exclaims.

“It’s alright Tamaron… I need to do this” Nisho replies, and moves past him towards a back entrance into the building.


Rain sits back in his desk chair while listening to one of His Men trying to explain what happened in the their Drug Selling Building.

She started killing everybody boss!! It was crazy!” explains the young man on the screen.









“We need to find out more about this girl…” replies Rain.




“I might be able to help you with that” suddenly Merrick, Jenna’s estranged brother appears out of the shadows.



PICTURE CREDITS – Ren Honjo, Anime Guys With Cool Black Hair, Anime Freak, Sex and Villainy , Colorado Burning

Part One – Captain Fire 197 – We Know What You Are

Part Two – Captain Fire 197 – Beast Calling

Part Three – Captain Fire 197 – Truth is Thicker than Blood

Part Four – Captain Fire 197 – Changed

Part Five – Captain Fire 197 – Withdrawal Shock

Part VI – Captain Fire 197 – Blue Rain

Part VII – Wake The Beast

Season One Captain Fire



Dark Rider Art

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It’s a Friggen Miracle, both My Brother, and My Nephew each Texted me Drawings today… My Brother actually Texted me Some Charcoal Drawings of My Main “White Jade” Character… Of course he was supposed to be working on “Dark Rider” Drawings, lol… But that’s My Brother, Super Alpha, and Super Independent, lol

His Original Drawings were pretty cool, but I couldn’t tell if it was a Guy or a Girl, Ha… So, he’s got some Rust to break off, as he hasn’t drawn in a while… But the Drawings are still very cool… Not sure if I’ll show those, need to get his permission first… Might wait for later drawings.

My Nephew on the other hand, did 4 “Dark Rider” Characters, and 1 “Captain Fire 197” oneI also need to check with him before I Post em… But I think at least 3 of the 5 came out pretty good… These are just First Sketches, but I’m curious if they’ll do more, and how they will Evolve. My Nephew Draws Good Elves, might have something to do with the fact that he Looks like an Elf, Ha

Anyway, this is more of a Silly Update, with no Pictures, just a bit of Type, lol

I did Write most of My Newest Captain Fire 197 in a Notebook today, as The internet was down for  a little while… So I should be posting that Tomorrow.

And then I need to Write My Newest Dark Rider, which hopefully I’ll also Post tomorrow, or maybe on Saturday.

The Mind Chronicles I haven’t decided what I’m doing with at this point… Someday I’d like to make it into a Comic, but it wouldn’t come until after Dark Rider, and Captain Fire 197… I haven’t decided if I’m goina continue Posting it for now… We Shall See… But My New Blog Series “Whisper Moon” is coming along pretty good, and seems to get a better response than “The Mind Chronicles”.

Anyway, this is just a bit of an Update, as I mentioned recently that I’m looken for Artists for Dark Rider, and Captain Fire 197… White Jade will be more difficult, but for some reason my Brother seems to be Drawing for that, lol

Anyway, Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading

And Thanks for Your Continued Support



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The Midnight Hour has come…

And gone

I Tire of this Song for One

They say Love will surely come…

Let it be while I am young

My Reflection… It starts to Fade

My Tears have Dried…

Almost A Year

My Cries Skybound…

I Hope you hear…

Uncertain Future…

Is what I Fear

Is there Enough of Me Left

Someone to Love

After all the Rest

I Tire of being alone

So much Love

Without a Home

My Darkened Hair…

And Green Eyes Fade

My Hands still soft

My Soul Turns Grey


DarkJade – April Agenda

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April looks to be a Very Busy, and Potentially Productive Month…






The Agenda;

1) I look to get My Novella/Short Story “I Died Once” (I.D.O.) Edited by My Eldest Sister, who also Edited My “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” Poetry Book.

However, being her “True Profession” is Accounting, and she is quite busy with it as of late… If she is unable to Edit it in April, I will most likely try to find someone else to Edit it.

I Finished “The First Draft” of this Novella/Short Story on November 20th, 2011, and am ready to “Self Publish” My Second Book, as I Self Published my Poetry Book in January, 2012. And hopefully get it into the Same Local Bookstore that I got my Poetry Book into.

2) Sadly, in March I came the difficult realization that I may finally have to let go of My Original “White Jade” Artist, as she appears to be too busy at the moment. This is truly something I didn’t want to have to do, as I felt when she did The Original 8 Pages for this Screenplay turned Comic Book, that she Truly 80-90% Captured My Exact Vision when Writing it… As it was Originally Written for Film, I have a Very Clear Vision as to what I Imagine The Story, and Characters to Look Like.

But being this Project has already been on hold during the last 4 or 5 years, I can’t allow this to stop me. The Good News is I did “Self Publish” The 8 Pages into a Partial Comic, designed to Generate Interest, and get Readers Feedback.

3) Begin Converting “Dark Rider” and “Tales of The Dark Rider” into Comic Book Script.

I’m actually very Excited about this, and after Printing up all of the Written Material Thus Far, it looks like I may have enough Material to Generate 18+ 24 Page Issues of it… I’ll know more specifically once I’ve actually completed Converting it to Comic Book Script.

I’ve approached both My Brother (For Dark Rider/Tales of The Dark Rider), and My Nephew (For either Dark Rider/Tales of The Dark Rider, or Captain Fire 197) about doing some Art for me For This Story, and/or Potentially Captain Fire 197.

My Brother is very Busy with being a Husband, and Father of Two Young Boys, so I’m not sure he’ll actually be able to do it… And My Nephew is a Professional Ballet Dancer, who also is a Very Good Artist… And he’s just taken on his Own Production in which he wont just be Dancing, but also Choreography, so he too may be too busy.

But that in mind, I’ve also began E-mailing Potential Artists for Both “White Jade”, and/or “Dark Rider”, so time will tell which way it will all pan out.

4) Lastly, over on My Journalism/Multiple Contributing Artist Site The Dark Globe, I will be Running Our Third Contest since our Inception back at the end of October, 2011.

I’m Very Excited about this Contest, as it is Specifically a “Writing” Contest… For More Info., or if you’re interested in Submitting something that you’ve Written, You can Go Here Dark Globe Create A World Writing Contest.

5) Keep on Marketing “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“.

Phew! So yeah, it should be a pretty Concentrated Month

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading

And Thanks for Your Interest and Continued Support


Whisper Moon – Sanctuary

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Whisper Moon (Episode VI) – Sanctuary

Santa Monica, California

The 10 Freeway Heading North

February 28th, 2012


Jonan, Allissa and Marin are sitting in the back of a Black Range Rover heading North on The Santa Monica 10 Freeway.

Paul is driving.

Marin is sleeping on Allissa’s lap.

“Sooo… Where was it we’re heading again?” asks Allissa.

“An Underground Home in the Canyons near Malibu Beach…” Jonan calmy replies as he clicks away on his iPad.

“Anddd… You’re selling that huge house in the Hamptons?”she questions.

“Eh… I only spent a couple months there a year anyway… And if I didn’t, your Boyfriend’s Gangster Friends would have burned it to the ground by now… But that rather Large Realty Sign on the lawn put a stop to that…” explains Jonan.

Jonan then looks directly at Allissa “You know your Boyfriend Anton was working for some pretty Powerful, Scary Guys…” he conveys.

“Your Average Everyday Drug Lord doesn’t generally have a Fleet of Black Rolls-Royce” he finishes.

“Yeah… Well… I had no idea how deep he was involved, or just how Bad and Scary his Bosses were” Allissa responds, trying her best to convince Jonan.

I suspect Anton didn’t realize what he was messing with either, or he wouldn’t have taken “Merchandise” from them, and thus Crossing them… No… That wouldn’t have been too wise…” Jonan expresses to Allissa.

“We’ll be there soon Boss” Paul calls back to Jonan.

“Right…” replies Jonan

Suddenly Jonan pulls out a black bandana from his suits inside pocket and holds it up to Allissa.

“Mind if I blindfold you for a few minutes?” he questions.

“Uhhh… No??” Allissa responds.

“Thank you” Jonan replies, and then wraps the bandana around her eyes.

17 Minutes Later

In An Underground Home

Jonan takes off her bandana, and they appear to be in an underground three car garage.

In addition to the Range Rover they arrived in, there’s a Black Porsche, and a Black Mercedes.

“Nice rides” Allissa says.

“Oh… They’re not mine” Jonan replies as he picks up Marin, and carries her inside the house.

Paul then walks up and grabs her bags “They’re mine… So is this house actually” he explains as he carries the bags in the house.

Inside the house is somewhere around 4,000 square feet, with six bedrooms.

The inside of the home is mostly black, with accents of silver.

Paul takes Allissa’s bags into the same room that Jonan has laid Marin in.

Meanwhile Allissa wonders into the Living Room, and Jonan quickly joins her.

Jonan picks up a remote and an image of a beach with ocean waves appears on the furthest wall, the casted image is some 50 Feet Wide, by 12 Feet Tall.

“Pual has Camera’s on top of the Mountain above us, they’re focused in the direction of the beach, which isn’t really all that far away… The image is then magnified, and wola” Jona explains to Allissa who doesn’t seem all that thrilled.

“I gotta tell you Jonan, I really don’t like being underground… It’s kinda… Well… Creepy” she explains.

Paul then walks into the room “I’m goina make some sandwiches, whatcha want to drink?” he asks.

“Uhh… Vodka Tonic if yah got it” responds Allissa.

Paul then looks over at Jonan “Milk is fine” Jonan replies, which causes Allissa to cast a gaze in his direction.

“Man Jonan, you haven’t changed a bit” she says to Jonan.

“Right O” replies Paul, who steps into the kitchen and starts to make their food.

Meanwhile Jonan and Allissa each sit on one of the three black leather couches.

“You have full custody of Marin, right?” Jonan suddenly asks.

“Yeahhh… Why?” she asks.

“Eh, so there’s no problem with you taking her out of the State like this” Jonan replies.

With this, Paul enters the room and hands each of them their drinks “There yah go… Your sandwiches are comen right up” he then heads back to the kitchen.

“You said “I’ll” be safe here… Aren’t you staying?” she asks Jonan, and then takes a drink of the Vodka “Oh yeah, that hits the spot” she exclaims.

“I’m going back to New York” Jonan replies.

“What?? Jonan, I can’t have you risking your life over me, you’ve already done too much, if anything ever happened to you–” she says to Jonan in almost desperation, but he cuts her off.

“Nothing’s going to happen to me Allissa… I just need to take care of some business out there, so we can get the two of you back home ASAP, where you belong” Jonan explains.

Jonan then stands as Paul enters the room with their sandwiches, Paul hands each of them their sandwiches, grabs Jonan’s shoulder and sits him back down.

“You can eat your sandwich before you go off and save this little ladies world boss” with this Jonan and Allissa both laugh, and they eat.



PICTURE CREDIT – Malibu Paintings

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle