Tales of The Dark Rider – Back Into The Dark



“Release Dark Rider Bandit or you shall face a Fate worse than Death…” demands The Grey Ranger Flynn Rider.






“You do Talk more than your Brother I dare say…” The Scarlet Bandit mocks.

“A Fate worse than Death… Pray Tell” he questions half amused.




“A Fate Worse Than Death Be Me!! AXXAFOR!!” suddenly Axxafor appears off to the left  some 15 feet from The Scarlet Bandit.

“I see… So a Ranger and a Brainless Oaf are going to end my 2 year plot against your Precious Dark Rider, ehh” The Scarlet Bandit spats.

Just then an arrow strikes the Scarlet Bandit’s left shoulder.


“ARGHHH!!!” yalps the Scarlet Bandit…

And out of the shadows steps Theliad Rider, and his Wolf Earqui…

“Make that two Rangers…” Theliad spats back, as The Scarlet Bandit recoils, trying to stop the blood from coming out of his arm.

“YOU SHALL PAY!! IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO… YOU SHALL ALL PAY” and he disappears into a secret passage in the side of the cave wall.

“Theliad…” The Dark Rider is barely able to mumble out…

Theliad runs to Dark Rider’s side, as Axxafor checks for the secret passage, but can find nothing.

“Hello Father…” Theliad says with a half smile.

“No time for Family Reunions, The Scarlet Bandit Thugs will be here soon–” Flynn Rider exclaims but then the sound of death comes from the Entrance of the cave and out of the darkness steps Iloh and Ukorian.

“Hello Dark Rider…” Iloh speaks as she wipes the blood off of her sword.

Dark Rider can hardly believe his eyes “Iloh??”.

Just then Elsya steps into the light as well, and kneels before Dark Rider…

“Elsya… It can not be…” The Dark Rider speaks in disbelief.

“Lets see about these “Magical Chains” shall we…”

She then stands and waves every one back “BACK!!” and speaks some Ancient Elven Words, and Sparks of Yellow and Green Light shatter the chains.



PICTURE CREDITS – Grey Ranger, Amund, Young Ranger, Chinese Female Warrior, Elven Girl

Tales of The Dark Rider

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Dark Rider Season 1 and 2



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