Some Form of Calmness Has Fallen…

Beyond The Heat

Below The Surface

As I sit waiting for the Waters to Ripple

And some Semblance of Something More to Rise

I am Alone…

And Maybe… That’s not such a Horrible thing

No… In fact I know it’s not

The Fact that I Long For Love…

For… Something More

It’s what I live for… It’s

Who I am

And so I Continue to Sit here…

Tossing Stones at a Vast Pool of Water…

Which Casts No Reflection of the Sun…

No… With Every Stone I toss…

I some how get Further from the Shore

And with Every Star that Strikes the Surface of this Life

I Long For More


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4 Responses to “Calm”

  1. Lovely poem, it has a calming effect 🙂 Especially love this line “Tossing Stones at a Vast Pool of Water…”

  2. Beautiful. I get lost in feelings with each line. So thoughtful.

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