Cries Unheard

Cries Unheard

This Black Planet…

This… Shattered Moon

Whose Beams of Broken Moonlight

Fall in Great Dropplets

Like Some Misplaced Yellow Light…

Splashing Upon the Surface…

And We Mortals But Try Our Best…

To Salvage its Sacredness…

To No Avail

Instead we are Cast Away From this Trivial Life…

Outcast from Ourselves…

Destined to Orbit This Glorious Light…

While Above Us This Cracked Sphere of Random Misfortune…

And… Good Fortune

Dictates Our Everlasting Gloom…

Our… Misguided Truthes

Our Lonely… Wrecked Hearts

Be Not so unkind

We are all… We Have


PICTURE CREDIT – Most Black Planet

More Poems/Scribblings by DarkJade



10 Responses to “Cries Unheard”

  1. I must say as a poet, I connect so much more to your poetry than your stories. Not to say that your stories aren’t good, but your just amazing.

    • Thank you Blue

      Yeah, My Poetry has gotten the Strongest Response since I started Blogging back in August last year… Which is one of the main reasons I ended up Self Publishing a Book with My First 16 Poems…

      Some People seem to like my Stories, but more seem to like My Poems… Perhaps it’s because they can Relate to them more than My Stories… Or, perhaps it’s because they are a Reflection Directly from My “Soul” if you will.

      My Stories are My Creations, but My Poems are more Directly Reflections from within Myself… Or something like that, lol

      But I suppose they are still my Creations, just with Larger Parts of who I am within them…

      Heck I don’t know, lol

      As a Poet you probably know, they just come when they come… And I do my best to put/express them in words.

      Thanks for your Comment, and Compliment… I Appreciate it

      Your Poetry is also some Powerful Stuff


  2. This poem makes me feel just how helpless we are actually ,”Destined to Orbit This Glorious Light…” Ooh my goodness, I don’t even like to think about it lol You are so right DJ, we are all we have,yet we don’t even realize it most of the time. Just tragic and the title of this poem is haunting…wow.

    Thought, I would share with you, something that greatly resonates with this poem,by Carl Sang. Hope you enjoy it

    • Well, that just about sums it up, doesn’t it, lol… And yes, it does seem to resonate this poem, or this poem it.

      But I have some good news for you Vee, “The Journey Is The Thing”…

      And it can be “Long”… And it can be “Beautiful”… Love all you Can… Slow every thought… Every Action… And just Breathe in all of the “Wonder” that Life, and this World, and These People, have to give.

      So don’t be too sad, Life is Longer than people Think… It’s how we Live it, that determines just how long it feels.

      Thanks for the Comment, and Compliment Vee… And Thank you for sharing that Video… Pretty Damn Cool… And Pretty Damn Accurate… But the one thing it is missing, “Is The Journey”… And like I say, “The Journey is The Thing”.


  3. Thanks for that full dosage of encouragement right there DJ. The journey is the thing,most definitely. I like how you say, slow every thought. Now if only, I could be as focused and aware of life as it happens each day, that would just be wonderful. Baby steps lol…life is such a beautiful gift.

    • Meditation Helps… It Slows the World… But so does Sitting by the Sea… Or Listening to the Wind… Or running your Finger Tips Through Water…

      I don’t Meditate Myself, but I am by Nature, Meditative, Methodic, Pensive, Peaceful Really… And I Appreciate Every Moment.

      But it helps to be a Full Time Writer, as My Time is my own… But I’ve always been very Quiet in Mind… When I was Young, I was Quiet, but also Sad… But I’m pretty sure this Sadness was just something I picked up via Osmosis from My Mom, as My Dad left Her, and Their Four Kids, when I was maybe 2…

      And she was very sad, a lot of the time… They got back together 2 years later to give it another go, and we bought a little home in a Canyon… But after a short time, she had to ask him to leave, she had grown too much by then, and being with him just didn’t work anymore.

      And I was Glad… Even at 5, I was glad… But her Sadness, and my sadness went on for several more years.

      It wasn’t until I was around 30, when an 8 year Romantic Relationship Ended with someone who wasn’t in love with me, and I wasn’t in love with them, that I finally stepped out of my Sadness…

      I’ve been Living Life My Way ever since, and there has been nothing but “Color” in My Life since… There have been some Difficult Times yes, I’m not talking about “Being Happy” every moment, which in my mind not only doesn’t exist, but “Isn’t Natural”…

      Life is a Flux… I’m talking about “Truly Enjoying Life”, and all its Color and Vitality… Since I’ve been Living Life My Way, I’m able to “Find The Good” even in Difficult, or Painful Situations.

      So you are Welcome… Right Now You Are a “Warrior of Light”… And that in itself is a “Powerful”, and “Beautiful Thing”…

      But Your Own Peace must First be “Accepted”, and then “Reinforced” by your own Actions, and Choices going forward… Live Life Your Way… And though you are a “Truly Generous Soul”, be sure to Make Enough Time to do things that are “Just For You”… And you alone… Do what you love… With who you love to do them with.

      Also, “Do Not Live In The Future”… If you are always focused on the future, you will never find peace in the Present… It is important to “Include” the future… And “Reflect” on the future… But don’t spend all your Time and Energy Chasing it or Pursuing it… Like I say, The Journey is the thing… And I have found that people who have a hard time being in the “Present”, and “Just Being With Their Self”, often it’s because they have some sort of “Inner Pain” going on… And being truly in the present, puts them right in the middle of it… But The best way to deal with pain isn’t to run from it, or avoid it… The Best way to deal with it is “First”, determine what it’s from… And Secondly, Accept that… And Third, Let it go… “Forgive”, but don’t “Forget”.

      Also, just “Feel it”… Cry, Write in a Journal, do what yo have to do… But be in the Present, Every Day, believe me, it’s worth it… And that’s what slows down time… Being in the moment. That, and “How you Spend” your time in the Present.

      Romantic Love is “Impossible”, lol… And what I mean by that is, you can have Peace of Mind, whether you have Romantic Love or not… Or whether Romantic Love is going well for you or not. Romantic Love is My Favorite thing in the world, but it is definitely not the thing that brings me “Peace of Mind”… Only I can do that. And I highly recommend it. Feel your pain, analyze your pain, and then “Free Your Pain” by Feeling it, and Forgiving those that brought it on… Including your parents, or whoever. Like I say, Forgive, but don’t Forget… Don’t keep on making the same mistakes, but do move on.

      Nuff Said, lol

      Thanks for the Comment Vee


  4. What a thoughtful thing to say DJ. Meditating is hard that I agree, though I do try to 🙂 I go to the beach to calm my mind…water is very calming for me.

    2 is such a young age to hold such a heavy emotion like sadness in your heart. Thank you for sharing your story. It seems the JOURNEY you have been through has been having an underlying purpose all along. You appreciate happiness so much because you know what it means to be sad.

    I am really happy you found your way and are passing on such great insight.Being happy all the time that is a myth lol But truly enjoying life with all it brings whether good or bad, then that’s just a wonderful way to live.

    Your last paragraph, speaks to my very core. I needed to read something like this today. You know, I made a life altering decision today and reading this I realize that it’s not so bad to do things just for me…thank you for this. I have just “sticky noted” it on my screen.

    • You are welcome… Yah know, you are a “True Admirer” and “Appreciator” of Life, and People… But I can not tell you the kind of Joy you can Experience, by Spending More Time with, and within yourself… There are “Beauties Untold”… “Feelings Unknown”… And “Peace” and “Color” like you could Simply Not Imagine.

      Dance with yourself, make that your Journey… And then you can spend the rest of your time “Sharing” your “Great Wisdom”, and “Enormous Heart” with others…

      But for now, be with Vee… Close your Eyes, and “Be with Vee”


  5. Wow, that’s really deep DJ…

    I like the sound of it…it’s about time.

    Your timely message is greatly appreciated.

    • You’re Welcome Vee, it’s not every day that you meet someone that you can talk about this kind of stuff with… So I Appreciate you


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