Chess With Agatha (Chapter XIII) – The Minotaur Orft

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XIII – The Minotaur Orft


Agatha stirs and wakes.

“I awaken in the dark… The floor is cold, like stone… And there is moisture in the air… The last thing I remember was The Minotaur Orft was about to charge me, when Iliad like a “Fool”, which of course makes sense… As he is a Fool… Jumped in front of me just as Orft was about to strike, which ignited his Protective Yellow Ring’s Shield blasting both Iliad and myself against the Labyrinth wall behind us… It must have knocked both of us unconscious…”.

“Suddenly the chamber door is open, and but a peak of light fills the chamber… I can not see who opened it… But the door is now left partly open… I can see Iliad and, and the six Dark Fortress of Doom Guards chained up near me… All unconscious”.

“But I am not chained… And so I make my way towards the door, grasping the blue amulet necklace around my neck which Hemmingbyrd had given me as I step slowly into the light…”.

“Speaking of Hemmingbyrd… Where is he”.

“Focus Agatha… I move out of the chamber into a long hallway, which has torches mounted every fifteen feet or so”.

“There is only one way to go, and so I take it”.

“I notice great hoof steps imprinted on the ground as I go”.

“As I reach the end of the hallway, another door has been carefully left open… And as I step through it into a great chamber, I can hardly believe my eyes…”.

“Orft is sitting at what appears to be some sort of illustrious throne, and is feasting upon a great cooked leg of a beast… Tearing meat from it as he watches me… He’s also eating some sort of small fruit berries, and swigging what appears to be an enormous chalice of wine…”.

“He’s watching my every move…”.

“But that’s not the worst of it… Jodan is in some sort of Cage, meant to stop him from escaping should he become the wolf beast once more I’d imagine…

“And Morr… Tears come to my eyes as I look upon Morr who has been chained by each of his limbs, and is hanging above Orft’s throne… He and Jodan are both watching me as well… Jodan’s eyes blaring red… The beast in waiting… And Morr’s eyes bright yellow… Also… Waiting”.

“Your friends are of no use to you now Girl…” speaks Orft in a great growl as he continues to stare at me as he eats.

“Mustering bravery I didn’t think I had, I step towards Orft, and kneel before him”.

“Please My Lord… Release my friends… Take me instead” I plea.

“Jodan and Morr do not look pleased by this”.

“HA! I already have you” Orft exclaims as he tosses the large bone of the beast’s leg to the ground.

“Why have you and your party come to The Yokade Labyrinth… Knowing full well, that you will die here” he states more than asks.

“You must get to Morr’s black leather wrapped item” suddenly Agamemnon’s voice returns within Agatha’s mind.

“We’ve come to free Sir Elm of Tardenwha… He is a Knight and Servant of The Dark Fortress of Doom… And King Elias” I explain.

“Meanwhile I scan the room, and see Morr’s black leather covered item sitting on a near by table, still wrapped, and unrevealed”.

“Morr sees that I have seen it, and nods at me”.

“Your Knight is dead… You should not have come here” Orft growls.

Suddenly a voice comes from the back of the room.

“MAYBE NOT BULL HEAD!! BUT… ORDOVU!” it’s Hemmingbyrd… He stands in the doorway at the back of the chamber, a stream of glowing blue smoke surrounding him.

“HA HA HA!!” Orft laughs.

“You and your “Strange” words, and blue fire do not scare me Wizard!” bellows Orft who remains in his throne eating and drinking.

“MAYBE NOT… BUT YOU SHALL STILL PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE… WITH YOUR LAST BREATH” Hemmingbyrd replies as he begins to shift his hands around the blue glowing smoke, most unnaturally.

Just then, out of nowhere, a Giant Gargoyle Bat swoops towards Hemmingbyrd!

“SCREETCHHH!!!!!!” it screams as it grabs onto him mid spell.

“OOMFF!!” yalps Hemmingbyrd as he’s then tossed into a great magical cage which is fastened near the ceiling, the cage door closing immediately behind him.


“Oh… Balancort” mumbles Hemmingbyrd in frustration.

With this Orft stands “HA HA Foolish Wizard… You are are no match to Orft and the Magic of the Yokade Labyrinth!” he exclaims as he reaches for his enormous spear.

“Now Agatha…” Agamemnon reaches within Agatha’s mind once more.

Suddenly Agatha sprints towards the table with the black leather wrapped item on it…

“HMMFF!!” snarls Orft as he hurls his spear at her.

Agatha catches site of the spear and suddenly her hair turns from golden blond to black once more, and her blue eyes glow fiercely, as she dives over the spear on its path…

The spear strikes the wall with a…


And Agatha hits the ground and rolls, arriving right at the table… She quickly grabs, and unsheathes the black leather wrapped item and its a…

“UNICORN HORN!!” Hemmingbyrd suddenly yells.

“MORR!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!” he continues.

Meanwhile Agatha stands forthright holding the white, gold, silver blue Unicorn Horn glistening in her outstretched hand before her.

“LIKE MY FRIEND SAID BULL HEAD… ORDOVU!” and with great ferocity Agatha hurls the Unicorn Horn at the Minotaur’s chest, striking him directly in the heart.

“OOOMFFFTTT” he cries as he falls and hits the floor with a…


With this Morr’s eyes glow yellow fiercely and he smiles baring his sharp fangs, and Jodan turns Wolf Beast and begins to howl!


Hemmingbyrd in turn sheds two blue tears, which he quickly snatches from his visage, and tosses into a little blue velvet satchel at his side.

“As I approach the body of the Minotaur, I can hardly believe what I see… His body transforms into a handsome man, with dark brown shoulder length hair… The Unicorn’s Horn sticking into his heart… He lay there unclothed, perhaps no older than his late twenties”.

“Oh my god… What have I done” Agatha speaks without meaning to, and kneels down by the body.

“Sir Elm of Tardenwha…” mumbles Hemmingbyrd

Meanwhile the darkened walls of The Yokade Labyrinth turn to a white grey marble, and all of its dark magic fails… Morr’s chains, and Jodan and Hemmingbyrd’s cages disappearing with it.

Agatha’s hair turns golden blond again…

And just as she’s about to shed a tear in grief…

Morr in a flash of light is at the Fallen Knight’s body, and withdraws the Unicorn Horn from his chest, and Sir Elm spudders up a bit of blood.

“Oh my god… He’s alive!?” Agatha speaks in disbelief.

“The Unicorn’s Horn can not hurt an honorable man” Morr explains, and sure enough Sir Elm’s wounds close up as quickly as they appeared.

“It was the curse… And Sir Elm is not the only one” Agamemnon speaks to Agatha once more.


PICTURE CREDIT – Ruins of Armiir


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