Fair One

Fair One

They Don’t Know You…

This Fear Within you

Discard Poison Vessel

Run Like You’ve Never Run Before

Shatter Your Darkened Fears…

And Burdensome Woes

He  Must see Beyond So Fair Blue Eyes…

Dark River Hair…

Lips So Red Blood Does Weep

Cast Such A spell…

Like None Ever Known…

She… Envies You

She… Longs to Hurt You

And She Will… And She would

If Given The Very Chance…

Run Fair One… Run

The One Would Carve Out Your Heart

Quiet Now…

Close Thine Eyes…

Sit… Upon The Meadow

Drink… Of Summer Breeze…

The Wavering Shadows… Are Your Only Friend

Blossoms Dance Around you

Your Breath In… Then Out

A Crack of a Branch

And Your Fate Is His

Your Life Is Not Your Own


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5 Responses to “Fair One”

  1. This hints of an ominous storyline rife with exitement. Almost like the begining of sleeping beauty but with a twist. I like the song choice too.

  2. I like the urgency and the fear portrayed…Hope she will be okay

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