Whisper Moon – Flashback

Whisper Moon (Episode II) – Flashback

The Outskirts of New York City

February 26th, 2012


Jonan’s black limo pulls up in front of Allisa’s House…

Allisa’s House… He hadn’t been here since High School.

In fact the last time he was here was the summer of 2003 at that crazy farewell to High School Party she and her Boyfriend at the time, Tommy, had well her Mom was off in Las Vegas Marrying that Creepy Car Sales Guy Bob Billens…

Jonan gets out of the car holding the pizza box, and leans over to his Chauffeur Paul, a 275 Pound, Silver Haired Behemoth…

“You can take off Paul, I have absolutely no idea how long I’m going to be” Jonan explains.

“Ok Boss” he replies.

Jonan shuts the door, and Paul drives off.

He then walks towards the house which is pretty rundown… Then again, it always was.

“We must’ve fit 60 to 70 people in here that night… Cat throwing Contest… Crazy night” Jonan thought to himself.

Jonan’s about to knock on the door when Allissa opens it.

Allissa’s about 5’7″, 130lbs, with sandy blond shoulder length hair, and green blue eyes.

She has a nice face too “You look so tired” Jonan thinks to himself.

She seems stunned when she sees Jonan.

“Jonan?” she says without meaning to.

“Oh… Didn’t you want me to come here?” Jonan asks confused by her looking so stunned.

“Oh.. Yeah… Yeah… Of course… Come in” she motions for him to enter the house which he does.

“I just haven’t seen you for a while you look so…” she starts but pauses.

Once inside Jonah turns towards her and “Look so?” he inquires.

“Ha… Clean” she replies and they both start to laugh a bit.

Meanwhile the television can be heard from the other room…

“Here” Jonan hands Allissa the Pizza Box “I’ve got some extra pizza if yah like It’s Pep–” he starts to say Peperoni but suddenly she grabs on to him tightly with tears in her eyes.

“Oh Jonan… I’m so glad to see you… Things are such a mess right now” she then lets him go, and takes the Pizza box.

“My god you smell good” she states without thinking.

He smiles slightly “You smell the same” he replies.

They laugh…

Just then a 6 year old little girl enters the room from the T.V. Room, she has dark long hair, and darkish skin… Obviously she got Anton’s Hair and Skin coloring, because Allissa is fare skinned.

“Mommy… I’m hungry” she says as she rubs her eyes, having been woken by the commotion that took place prior to Jonan getting there.

“Here you go baby” she hands her a piece of Peperoni Pizza “Just pluck off the Peperoni baby” Allissa says to her.

“Marin… This is Jonan” Allissa introduces him and with this Jonan drops down to her size.

“Hello Marin” he says.

She responds by burying her head into her Mommy’s hips.

“Go eat on the couch honey” she says, and Marin runs off with her Pizza to continue watching Sesame Street.

Jonan stands back up straight again “She’s lovely”.

Meanwhile Allissa takes out a cigarette and frantically looks for a match.

Suddenly Jonan takes out a Silver Lighter with a Horse Engraving on it and holds it lit up to her cigarette.

She leans in and lets it light “You smoke?” she asks.

“Nah, but a lot of people do, so I keep the lighter on me” Jonan replies.

“Well listen, she’s a piece of cake to watch… She’ll sit in front of that T.V. for hours, and will likely pass out again” Allissa explains as she puts on her jacket, takes two hits off her cigarette, and puts it out with her shoe.

“I have to run down to the Police Department and check on Anton” she explains.

“Better if I don’t tell her I’m leaving”

“No problem… Maybe I’ll take her to the Zoo or somethen… New York has a Zoo, right?” questions Jonan.

Allissa can’t help but smile, and hugs Jonan again “Thank you so much for coming” she lets go and heads towards the door.

She turns back and looks at Jonan once more before she goes “I can’t believe you still have the same phone # after all these years” she says.

Jonan pulls two identical cell phones out, one from each of his jacket pockets “One for business, one for pleasure”.

She smiles “I’ll call you!” she says as she heads out to her car.


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2 Responses to “Whisper Moon – Flashback”

  1. Very nice….Jonan has a really cool sense of humor.

    How now? Cat throwing contest lol and having a lighter on him yet he doesn’t smoke. Very cool guy.

    • lol yes the “Cat Throwing Contest” was meant to leave the Reader wondering, lol But at the same time, when you’re dealing with Teenagers, you never know what they might do ha

      Part of him Keeping to himself and basically living in his head and own world really, He also has a standard of thinking that is not common, as if he truly does come from a place other than the world around him.

      I think you may like the next one

      Thanks for your Comment Vee


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