2012 Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Awards

I wanted to take a Moment to say Thank you to a Few People who have Given me Awards Recently…

First of all Bluesander @ Stronghold Gave me The Sunshine Award back on March 7th, 2012. Thank you so much Blue, Your Poetry is Truly Inspirational…

Second to Shannon @ Isle of Books who just today gave me The Versatile Blogger Award… Shannon is a True Talent, and is Extremely Passionate about All Things Literature, and I Admire Her for it… She has also recently Joined Us over at The Dark Globe as a Book Reviewer, and whatever else she Might Contribute to The Site.

Third J.C.V. @ 365 Days to be Published Also Awarded me The Sunshine Award. J.C.V. is a Long Time Follower of The Written Word, and one of My Most Frequent “Like” ‘rs, lol… And I Truly Appreciate the Encouragement and Support she’s given me, and The Written Word.

Sunshine Award Rules;

Rules for this award:

1. Thank the award giver.

2. Share some things about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to 10-12 other bloggers.

Versalie Blogger Rules;

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them when you create a post on the award. Share 7 things about yourself. Pass the award on to 15 people you know who have blogs that you follow and enjoy. Contact those people that you have nominated.

I Shall Blend The Two:

7 Things About Me;

1) Being a Professional Baseball Player (Pitcher) was My First Dream

2) I Grew Up with a Single Mom, My Brother and My Mom’s Boyfriend who she’s been with for 30 Years (I have two Older Sisters, but they weren’t around much)

3) My First Pet at the Age of 4 or 5 was a Gold Fish Named George

4) My Favorite Car as a Kid was a 1966-67 Corvette

5) My 2nd Dream Was to be a Film Maker ever since I saw the Original 1977 Star Wars in The Theater as a very Young Kid (Pursued it 2000-2003, then shifted to Screenplay Writing 2003-2005 and now Poetry, Novels and Hopefully Comic Books 2011-2012)

6) I have 3 Nephews, ages 10, 13 (My Brother’s Boys), and 29 (One of My Older Sister’s Sons that she had Very Young)

7) I Want to Be Santa when I Get Older, lol It’s True, Being Immortal, Eating All The Cookies I could ever want, Living in The Show, and Making and Giving Presents to Kids All Over The World would just be the Best Gig in The World, lol

As I Have Received and Given Several Awards Since I Started Blogging in August Last Year, I shall Spare The People’s I Follows Blog’s From Giving Them an Award… As I have Given Several in the Past to them, and I know That Sometimes they don’t have Time to Partake.

But I will say Every Single Blog on My Blog Roll is Worth Not Only Checking Out, but Following… There are some Brilliant, and Talented People Out There.

Thanks again Blue, Shannon and J.C.V.

I Really Do Appreciate it

DarkJade-* **

*P.S. All of My Awards are Also Posted Here on My Awards Page

**Oh, By The Way, The Written Word is Now on Twitter If You’d Care to Follow, and I Shall Follow You Right Back Here’s The Link DJWrittenWord This is a Different Account than My TheDarkGlobe1 Twitter Account, which you’re also Welcome to Follow. There is also a Widget off to the Right with The Most Recent Written Word Tweets.

14 Responses to “2012 Sunshine and Versatile Blogger Awards”

  1. Congrats on more awards 🙂

  2. That’s a really cool ride 🙂

    Congrats for the awards DJ,

  3. My world is great…really looking forward to Easter. Over here, I like to think we “over” celebrate holidays lol

    • lol, sounds good to me… I Love Holidays… Especially Christmas… I start Celebrating it like November 1st, lol… The Day after Halloween… In fact last year, I started listening to Christmas Music on Pandora so Early, that by the time December hit, I couldn’t listen to it anymore, lol… Until right around Christmas, lol

      But for Easter My Family for years has gathered at a Huge Park, and Brought Food, and Played Frisbee or whatever… Though I kind of stopped going the last few years, lol… After going there for years and years, I needed a change… But when I was young, My Brother and I used to Dye Eggs which was Awesome.

      Easter is a Great Holiday, My Mom Still Gets us Easter Candy, lol


  4. Wow, that’s great…your mom is cool.

    Here we don’t have those traditions of Santa Claus, Easter Bunnies, Halloween…it’s there though to a very bare minimum.

    Holidays here means a lot of dancing, traveling, catching up with relatives and friends and eating especially (nyama choma) a favorite delicacy…the men take a goat, kill it and roast it lol

    • Holy Shit!! ha They really kill a Goat? lol

      Now see here in America, we wouldn’t Kill it, we’d just Dye It Multi Colored, ha

      Wow Dancing, Traveling, Catching up with Relatives and Friends Sounds Great… And Especially Eating Sounds Great too… I’d say The Food, Relatives and Friends Things are actually Pretty Similar… And Traveling, well, mostly We Travel to one Spot where the Family or Friends are Holding The Get together.

      But you’re right, My Mom is Cool… In fact, there’s No One Cooler… Growing up with her was Amazing… She’s probably the Reason I Love Writing Strong Female Characters… Just a Guess


  5. Yeah, it’s never complete without a slaughter 😉 You can’t even imagine what types of food you can get from a single goat…soup, traditional sausages we call mutura, roasted meat…can’t remember what a goat’s meat is called…It’s pretty cool actually. Holidays are so fun. The eating part is always great…

    Your mum definitely has some hand in you writing strong female characters…check this out http://writerswritedaily.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/the-hero-male-or-female/

    • Very Cool Article… It’s funny, he has a Picture of Zhang Ziyi there, from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” who I wanted to play The Main Character in My Screenplay “White Jade”… She was definitely a “Bad Ass” in that Film, and I Admire her very much…

      Not just because of “Her Character” which was “Extraordinary”, but because of the “Actresses” Ability in “Dance” which she had Studied for years, which is part of why she had such and “Easy” time doing all the “Wire Work/Fight Scenes”… She moves like a “Dancer”.

      But more than that, “Her Spirit”… She, I believe, is “The Hidden Dragon”, and Rightly so… She is almost “Unstopable” in that Film… Almost, save “Her Heart”, which starts to Crack at the end of the Film…

      She is a “Beautiful”, and Amazing Creature “Zhang Ziyi”, indeed… I would want to work with her more than any other “Actress”, or “Actor” for that matter… She is basically, “My Hero”… Or at least, one of them.

      Though Growing up, “George Lucas”, “Walt Disney”, “Captain America”, “John Hughes (Directed Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Gary Gygax (One of the Creators of Dungeons and Dragons), and “Bruce Lee”, who I have included a bit in This Story, as Jonan has Studied his School of Thought in Martial Arts. Which is why he “Kicked Ass”, lol


  6. Gosh, I had not even “seen” her. You really know your stuff my goodness. I love the old Chinese movies, very hilarious…I think my favorite director has to be Tyler Perry, his movies are MOVIES lol

    You do channel a lot of the martial arts for Jonan. Looking forward to see how the story unfolds…

    • Jonan has been Focusing on many, many things since he left High School 8 years earlier… In this Story, the many things that he has been studying will start to come into use for him, like the Martial Arts did… He’d never used them on anyone before, he’s just studied it so profusely, he knew exactly what to do… Not to mention, he’s a Natural with it… Even though he’s become a Billionaire with his Studies in Technologies, there is Much, Much more to Jonan Black.


  7. That sounds very captivating…it’s interesting how when we characters turn to actual people. With some of my stories, I feel like I actually know my characters in real life…weird,huh?

    • Not weird at all… Once I Create a Character, it Takes on a Life of its Own… I never fully know what will happen to the Character, or where their Journeys will Lead them… They are Alive… I am Merely the Anima that Fuels them… So I know exactly what you mean… I’ve actually thought of having an “Interactive” Website with My White Jade Comic, where people can actually Talk To Characters from the Comic Book within a Forum… Each Character would have its Own Forum Thread… Will Still Probably do that. They are that alive to me, that if people want to talk to them, or Ask them Questions, I can bring them to life and have them Reply, lol

      We Writers live in a Magical World, its fun to take Readers with us.


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