Whisper Moon – The 27th Year

Whisper Moon (Episode IV) – The 27th Year

New York City, New York

An Emergency Room

February 26th, 2012


Jonan sits on an Emergency Room Bed, shirt off, his Right Shoulder Bandaged from the Bullet Wound he received some three hours earlier.

Paul his Chauffeur walks in with an N.Y.P.D Detective.

“Boss… This is Detective Harris” Detective Harris comes in and shakes Jonan’s left hand.

“We’ll have you come down to the station tomorrow morning to get a full statement from you, so that you can get some rest…” Detective Harris explains.

“From what we can ascertain, three masked men with guns broke in to Miss William’s House, and you disarmed two of them, and knocked all three of them unconscious” Jonan nods.

“Does that about cover it?” he asks.

“Yeah… That about covers it… But Paul Distracted the third” Jonan replies.

“The one you hit with the Pan…” the Detective states.

“Yeah… That would be the one” Jonan confirms.

“Alright well, we’ll see you down at the station tomorrow morning, appreciate your cooperation” The Detective walks away, then turns back.

“What was it… Kung Fu or somethen?” he asks Jonan, meanwhile Paul smiles slightly.

“Jeet Kune Do” Jonan replied.

“Ah yeah… Bruce Lee Right… Be Like Water…” The Detective smiled, and walked away.

Suddenly Allissa ran into the E.R. Room holding Marin in her arms “Oh My God Jonan!! Are You Alright?!” she spoke hysterically, and tried to hug him but…

“Woe Woe Woe The Shoulder” he responded.

“Yeah I’m alright… Are you alright?” he questioned.

“Yeah… But–” she starts to say and Jonan looks at Marin.

“How about you… Are you alright?” he asks her.

With this Marin wiggles her way out of her Mom’s arms, and wraps around Jonan who winces in pain.

“Easy Baby, he’s injured” Allissa says as she half effortly tries to get Marin back, but Jonan nods her off.

“It’s alright, it’s just a scratch, the bullet went right in and out again, I won’t be 100% with that arm for a while, but I shall recover…” he replies.

“Paul can you take Marin to the Candy Machine for a moment” Jonan speaks.

“Sure Boss” the large Paul responds, takes Marin’s hand, and they walk away.

“So… You wanta tell me why those three guys came to take your Little Girl?” questions Jonan.

Allissa sits down next to the E.R. bed “Well, I knew that Anton was involved with drugs somehow, but now I’m starting to think he may have taken some of a drug lords goods, and has been trying to sell them himself” she explains.

“And now he’s in jail, so the Drug Lord was trying to take his kid to hold her for ransom until he revealed the whereabouts of the drugs” Jonan replies.

“Right” she responds.

“Alright, well, until this all blows over… I want you to stay at my Beach Home in the Hamtons with Paul and I” Jonan insists.

“Oh Jonan, I could never ask–” she starts, but is interrupted.

“I insist… Just for a little while, or until The Police figure this out” he puts his hand on hers.

“Please Allissa… Let me do this for you” he finishes, and she nods in ok.

Paul and Marin return, Marin holding Candy.

“Paul, I want you to take these two back to their house to grab some things, and then come back for me, and we’ll all head out to the Beach Home… They’re going to be staying with us for the time being” Jonan explains.

“Right O Boss” Paul, Allissa and Marin then leave, but Marin runs back in and gives Jonan a hand full of Candies, and runs back out.

“26 years of nothing… And now this” speaks Jonan under his breath, and then throws the candies all in his mouth.


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2 Responses to “Whisper Moon – The 27th Year”

  1. Okay I didn’t know trees measured time 🙂 …”some trees hours earlier”

    When Alissa went to see Anton, did he warn her to be on the look out for any suspicious people?

    I hope when they get back to the house they won’t be trailed to the beach house. But somehow I am sure Jonan has already thought of it…

    Keep the Whisper Moon coming DJ

    • Arghh Thanks for catching the Typo

      Anton Definitely Did Not Warn her… Anything she knows, she’s basically figuring out on her own from Living with, and Being around him.

      Things may or may not get interesting at the Beach House… We shall see.

      Thanks for the Comment Vee


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