Battle Speed… Full Speed Ahead – DarkJade Update

It’s been a busy Year, lol

To say the least…

A bit of an Update

Blog Series;

Tales of The Dark Rider (Previously Dark Rider)

People still seem to be enjoying The Dark Rider Series, and so am I… Especially since I’ve now Brought in Dark Rider’s Brother, and Son, who was raised by his Brother… And you find out that The Dark Rider comes from a Family of Rangers, but he has gone a different path… And now that they have Freed The Dark Rider from The Scarlet Bandit, What’s Next for The Dark Rider… You’ll just have to Tune In.

Captain Fire 197

Now this Series has taken quite a different turn with “The Always Nice” Jenna, now battling the Darker Side of herself, which seems to be somehow connected to her Newly Found Telekinetic Powers, as opposed to just being Telepathic… (Yeah, just Telepathic, like that’s a small thing, lol… But you know what I mean, lol).

The Mind Chronicles

I’ve kind of slowed down a bit on this Series as much as I like Writing it… I’m not sure what kind of following I have with it, so we shall see how it goes.






Whisper Moon (A New Series)

I have started a New Series that is getting Decent Feedback, and I’m Really Enjoying Writing it, and how it’s gone so far… After all, who wouldn’t want to Read About a Recluse Young Self Made Billionaire, whose suddenly put into situations where he’s forced to come out of his head, and tap into deeper self resources from within himself? Or something like that, Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Self Publishing;

Winter, Lust, And Wonder (My Poetry Book)

I know I’ve been talking about Self Publishing Quite a Bit, as January Marked The First Time I’ve Ever Self Published any of My Work, with Winter, Lust, And Wonder.

It’s certainly been An Evolving, and Constant Learning Process… But so far, I’m pretty happy with the Results.

I will tell you this, as it turns out, “Writing” something is the Simplest Part of Self Publishing, lol Finding a Printer was Challenging, but I am very Happy with the Company I’ve ended up Choosing to Print This Book. And as most of you Probably know, I got it into a Local Bookstore, which I was Simply Thrilled about… It’s been in there a couple weeks now, and no Sales… But They are having “Poetry Month” In Their Store in April, so Wish Me Luck, as I’m hoping it might get some notice then. We shall see.

Meanwhile I am “Fully Exploring” The Marketing of it Online, which is going to take A Lot of Time And Research. Oh, I did get it Uploaded as an ebook for Kindle though, so that’s good. For people who don’t want to spend $5.25 (Which is The Adjusted Price for My Readers, and/or Comrades in Ink, after the 30% Discount Code I have on its Page), they can spend $1.99. The Printed Copies are Really Nice Though I have to say, and There’s like 7 to 10 Colors you can Choose from now.

My Comic Book (White Jade)

The Good News, My Very, Very, Very… Very Slow Comic Book Printer (It took 50 Days to get them), finally Shipped me My 8 Page Comlet (Partial Comic Book), and they look Simply Awesome… In fact I’m so happy with them, I may end up using this Company after all, even though their shipment was some 22 Days or so late.

It should be quicker next time, as it’s a “Reorder” now… No “Set” Up Etc.

The Bad News, I can’t get the Comic Book Artist who did the Drawings for me some 6 years ago to Reply to My E-mails… Now keep in mind, we’ve been in touch several times leading up to The Printing of these Comlets, but now that they’re here, she’s not Replying.

The thing is this, I need to figure out the Royalties and such before I start to Market The Hell out of this thing… As I paid her upfront to do these drawings, and from what I’m reading everywhere The Artist either gets Paid Up Front, or Gets Paid From Sales, or a Blend Of The Two… Well, she likes to get paid upfront, which is fine, but in the one and only conversation we ever had about “Future Sales” (Not for this 8 Page Book so much, More So for Future Books that I’d sell, as this 8 Page Book is more for Marketing it really), she said something about us just Splitting The Profits from Sales… Sounds Fair right? But if you pay someone to Draw a 24 Page Comic Book for you, Which Would Run me between $3,000 and $4,000 (Which I don’t have at the moment), I’m thinken the things I’ve been reading are right, and The Artist shouldn’t be getting 50% of the Sales Profits, Plus 3-4k… Anyway, I’m not like some “Greedy Bastard” or something, lol… I figure even if she wants her Money Up Front like we’ve always done, I still want to give her maybe 20% of the Profits from Sales, even if it’s a bit Above what people normally do… BUT FIRST SHE HAS TO REPLY TO MY E-MAILS!!!! Lol… I did actually get her to Reply Once by “Playfully” Giving her a hard time about it, as we’re pretty friendly… But her response in a nutshell was “HaHaHa Please Be Patient!!!” lol

Sooooo Now it’s been 14 Days since I sent My Original E-mail which had Vital Questions that I need Answered before I start to Market The Hell out of this thing…

The End Result, or The Current Result anyway, is that I have to Basically Shelf This Project until she either Replies, or I Get a New Artist… Which I’ve been Extremely Reluctant to do, as I just Love Her Work… It basically came out 80 to 90% like what I had Envisioned.

Anyway, I’ve spent several days being a bit Blue About this, but when you have to rely on other people, which I do when it comes to Comic Books, BECAUSE I CAN’T DRAW!!! lol Oh well.

I Died Once (I.D.O.) My Novella

I finished My First Novella I believe in November or December of last year, and sat it aside while I worked on Self Publishing “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”.

Now that I have Self Published My Poetry Book, it’s time to Move on to Self Publishing My First Ever Novella… And as Soon as My Editor (Who is My Eldest Sister, lol) Has some time, hopefully she’ll get to it, lol. I’ve asked her if she thought she might be able to Start Editing it in April, giving her a couple more weeks to not worry about it, and she said it depends on her Work Schedule. After all, She’s an “Accountant” by Trade, not an “Editor”, lol… But Maybe if I become “Terribly Successful someday, I can drag her away from Accounting, lol Maybe Not, lol If she isn’t able to Work on it in April, I’m going to have to start trying to find another Editor however… Once again, we shall see.

Dream Shift (My Second Poetry Book)

The Good News I worked with Kirsty @ La Plume Noire (Who is also one of My Two Assistant Editors on My Other Blog, The Dark Globe) on The Cover for My Second Poetry Book Dream Shift, using a Photo by Kristy @ Little Trot (Whom I had gotten Permission from to use…) And I’m really Happy with the Results.

This Book, however, also needs to be Edited… And Thus I won’t be Self Publishing it for Several Months Most Likely, allowing time for My Novella to be Edited, Self Published, and Marketed. Phew… lol

Ok, This Post is Getting Long, lol… Just one more thing.

Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress of Doom (My Fantasy Novel/Potentially The First of a Trilogy)

My Fantasy Novel which I am Really Enjoying Writing, and People seem to Like So far… I started this in January of This Year, and I would Love to finish it and Self Publish it in Late Summer, or in The Fall… Once Again, We Shall See.

Other than that, I’ve Started Using Twitter as many of you may have noticed… I’ve been using it for The Dark Globe as a way to “Further Network” and Support One Another, Both The Crew of The Dark Globe, and Its Readers… You Can Follow it Here @TheDarkGlobe1 if you like.

But for “Strictly The Written Word” News and Updates, I’ve also Created a Second Twitter Account @DJWrittenWord which you’re also more than Welcome to Follow… I’ve been having Fun with it.

Well, I think I’ve Hit You with Enough, lol

As Always, I Truly Do Appreciate All Of Your Support… It Means a Great Deal to me, and has Played a Vital Role in My Drive to Self Publish My Work… So I Thank You

Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Listening


PHOTO CREDIT – Karlsimon Viking Ship

4 Responses to “Battle Speed… Full Speed Ahead – DarkJade Update”

  1. A lot has happened indeed…o: And more awaits in the future. I can’t wait~

  2. i like it, if you can draw manga follow me, i can draw it well..

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