Chess With Agatha (Chapter XIV) – Queen Sorceress Olamna

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XIV – Queen Sorceress Olamna


Far to The North upon the Mountains of Kree, The Dark Queen Sorceress Olamna, reluctantly makes her way down the Snowy Mountains upon her Great Grey Steed, Called Melancholy.

Accompanying her on Horseback Are The Eight Black Archers of Norawyn.



The Dark King Eterr sits on his throne, as his two Shadow Wizards circle The Great Green Orb of Da-tok…

“Queen Sorceress Olamna makes her way down the mountain My Lord, she shall intercept Agatha and her Party in two to three days I’d say” speaks one of the two Shadow Wizards, this one marked by an Eye Patch… Otherwise King Eterr could never tell the two apart.

King Eterr does not reply, but rather seems to go deeper in to Pensive Thought… His Blood and Hatred Surely waiting for Olamna to fail.


Outside the Entrance of The Yokade Labyrinth, Agatha’s Party mount their horses.

“I shall ride ahead” proclaims Morr who looks at Agatha, nods, she nods in return, and he rides off.

Meanwhile The Blue Wizard Hemingbyrd makes sure that the wounded Dark Fortress of Doom Knight, as well as the newly saved Sir Elm of Tardenwhal, are well secured to their horses, and are ready to ride.

The Great and Strong, and yet still weak, Form of Sir Lem of Tardenwhal rides his Great White Steed over to Agatha…

“I am forever in your debt My Lady” with this he reaches down and pulls her left hand to his lips, and kisses it.

Agatha smiles slightly, but is mostly a bit overwhelmed by all of it.

“YAHH LET US BE OFF!!” bellows Jodan, and so the Eight Dark Fortress of Doom Knights, Jodan and Sir Elm of Tardenwhal ride on in the direction in which Morr had already gone.

Leaving Hemingbyrd and Iliad The Fool back with Agatha.

Hemingbyrd rides up next to her as she gets on her mount.

“You did well Agatha… Your Father would surely be proud” he says with a smile.

“Yes Indeed–” Iliad starts to say as he rides by, but can’t get his horse to stop once more, and so he is gone.

“Silly Fool” speaks Hemingbyrd under his breath as he too rides off.

“Indeed I am proud of you Agatha… But remember, always stay several steps ahead of your opponent…” speaks Agamemnon in her mind.

“Yes Father…” she replies.

“Olamna” Agatha suddenly speaks out loud to herself… “YAH!” she calls out to her Steed, and rides off.


PICTURE CREDIT – Dark Sorceress


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