I Must Stay

I Must Stay

Come Rain…

Wash This Pain Away

Tell Me there will be Another Day

Of Love…

Of Life…

Of Play

These Distant Chimes

And Winds of North

Speak of Promises…

So Grey

of Hopes…

And Dreams…

Of Cool Winters

And Warmth

They Tell me…

I Must Stay


PICTURE CREDIT – Girl And The Rain

More Poetry/Scribblings by DarkJade



7 Responses to “I Must Stay”

  1. This is such a hopeful poem…

    I love Enya, so glad you are blending her music with your writings.

    • Thank you so much Vee… I also Love Enya, she is something special… Like from another Realm really.

      Yeah, this Poem is definitely about Sticking it out through Difficult Times, or Moments, in order to be around for the Good Times and/or Moments when they come around again.

      Hope is definitely one of my underlying themes in a lot of my Poems.

      Thanks again for your Compliment and Comment


  2. What a taunting image complimenting such a spiritual song. Enya does have a certain mystical feel to her music.
    There’s so much sadness and bitterness in your poem, Jade – much like our world…but with sadness, you have offered hope and that’s such a beautiful thing.

    • Thanks Blue… Enya is Definitely Spiritual… Like Celtic Spiritual… I Love her stuff…

      There is Indeed Sadness in this Piece… Sadness of all the Loss I’ve been Feeling for the last 9 months, as that’s when I broke up with my Girlfriend of 4 1/2 Years… And I miss her… But I know why we aren’t together.

      But Like I was saying to Vee Above you, Hope is often an Underlying Theme in My Poems… As in Truth, I am Always Hopeful for Future Love… I’ve been In Love 4 Times, so I know there is More than just one Person out there To Love, and Be Loved by

      But it is still Painful Being alone, and Painful to have Lost My Last Relationship, as I wanted to be with her Forever… But we had issues all along, issues that were never really addressed, and so they accrued over time, and I believe finally did us in.

      Thanks for your Compliments and Comment, I really Appreciate it


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