The King And His Son

This one is Dedicated to My Friend VeeCirra

The King And His Son

The Father Looked into His Son’s Eyes…

The Warmth… And Strength of a King

One Day I Will be gone Son…

And You Must Surely Lead…

The Son Began to Tear…

His Father said… No Need

It is the Nature of Things… My Son

The Way it Must Surely Be

The Boy rubbed his head against his Father…

Confused… For he was Young

The Father sat him Upon His Shoulders…

And then Began to Run

It’s Really Not That Bad… My Son

Your Life has Just Begun

When Suddenly Birds Flew…

Beware the Hunters Gun

The Father Sat His son Down…

And Stood Before The Man…

Your Aim Best Be True Man…

Or You are Surely Done

The Man began to Shake, and Sweat…

The Lion’s Strength it Grew

When Suddenly The Cub Jumped In Front of His Father

And Gave Out a Mighty Mew

A Smile Began to Cross The Man

And Laughter Filled His Heart

He threw the Rifle Across His Knees

And Broke His Gun Apart


PICTURE CREDIT – The Real Lion King

9 Responses to “The King And His Son”

  1. The mighty mew just pulled my heartstrings…such a brave boy. Hope the man’s bullets missed their intended target…

    Thanks for this DJ, you just made my day lol

    • Hmm, I changed the second to last line from “He Emptied Out His Bullets…” to ” He Threw the Rifle Across His Knees”…

      I think you thought I meant he “Fired The Gun”? When I said he emptied out his Bullets… What I meant was he took the Bullets out of his gun, and then the last line is “And Broke His Gun Apart”… So don’t you worry, he didn’t Shoot his Gun, the Little Lion made him Happy with his Mew, and so The Hunter Destroyed his own gun.

      I’m glad it Made Your Day though


  2. Phew thank goodness, I thought he wanted to fire…

    Now the poem is much much sweeter lol

    The little lion is just so adorable…reminds me of the first time Timon and Pumba met Simba…they just had to take him in the same way the hunter could not resist. This is just lovely DJ.

  3. Oh my God, this is actually amazing. Do you even know how good you are? Because you should know! I absolutely love this ❤

  4. The ending was unexpected and very bright. I liked it.

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