Whisper Moon – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Whisper Moon (Episode V) – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s Hamton Home

February 26th, 2012


Jonan’s Silver Limo pulls up to his Monstrous House in The Hamptons, Allissa and Marin are clinging against the window looking out.

“Jonan?? This isn’t your home” asks Allissa stunned.

Meanwhile Jonan is scanning his IPad “Uh… Yeah… Well, it’s more of an “Investment”… I don’t actually stay here… I Rent it out 10 months out of the year” he explains as the car pulls to a halt.

“Mommy!! Can I Go Swimming!!??” Marin bellows at her Mom.

“Uhh, Honey, I don’t know–” she starts, but Jonan interjects.

“It’s ok Allissa… Paul can watch her, and the Pool’s Heated… Very Heated actually, so she should be fine” he explains.

“Uhh” she’s still reluctant, but “Okay, lets get settled into our room, then you can go with… Paul” she replies.

“Oh!! Yay Mommy Thank You!!” Marin exclaims, and runs to the house with her Bright Pink backpack, which has Green Frog Stickers all over it… Paul follows closely behind her.

20 Minutes Later

A Kitchen Near The Pool

Jonan and Allissa are sitting at a Kitchen specifically there for the Pool.

They can see the pool from The Kitchen, and Paul has Marin on his shoulders while she beats him with a rubber duck.

“Oh dear… I fear Paul is taking a beating” Allissa says, trying not to laugh.

“Eh, he’d just be watching some obscure sports channel if he wasn’t out there… He’s having a blast… He’s never had any kids” Jonan explains.

Allissa looks at Jonan “Jonan… How did you ever get this house… In fact… It’s not a house, it’s a Fricken Castle” she laughs this time.

Jonan is kind of causally slouched back in his chair “Oh, I did really well in the “Technologies” Market… What started as some New Ideas quickly became Millions… And Millions quickly became Billions…” he explained.

“Well… The Millions to Billions thing I get, as you always were good in Math… But The Ideas to Millions thing is harder to grasp” she replies.

“Yeah… Well… Most of it is Invested… So that Billions stay… Billions” he explains and kind of laughs.

Suddenly Paul is at the glass door holding Marin, pointing to the front of the house.

Jonan stands “Take Marin to your room and lock the door” he says to Allissa, who grabs Marin, and takes her to the guest room she’s staying in.

Out Front Of Jonan’s Home

Paul in swimming trunks, and holding a Large Silver Revolver, follows Jonan out to the front driveway where there are Six Identical Black Rolls-Royces Parked in a Semi Circle.

“Well this is interesting” Jonan speaks under his breath to Paul.

From each of the Cars Two Men in Black Suits, with Dark Glasses, and Semi Machine Guns get out and stand next to the Cars.

“We’re slightly outnumbered” Jonan says to Paul.

Out of one of the Middle Cars a Very Well Dressed, long blond pony tailed man gets out, and walks over to the house, two of the Men in Black accompanying him.

He lights a Cigarette as he comes, and tosses the match on the driveway.

Jonan winces at this.

“Uh oh” mumbles Paul.

The man is about 30 years old, and casts a broad smile at Jonan “So… You put 3 of My Men into The Hospital… And now they’re rotting in Jail” he says.

Jonan looks at him, and then the match on the ground.

“You wanta pick that up…” Jonan says about the match.

The man looks at Jonan blankly, then snaps his fingers, and one of his Two Men in Black goes and picks up the used match, comes back to the Pony Tailed man, sticks the used match in his mouth, and swallows it.

“Wow… That was smart” Jonan states as his blood begins to boil.

“You come anywhere near that Little Girl again… And I will make sure it’s the last thing you do… And that goes for your Match Eating Friends too” Jonan states flatly without facial gesture.

“Oh… It’s a War you want… Well then… I guess Our Business is through here” states the man, he then turns to walk away, and as he does he gestures slightly to both men, and they begin to raise their guns…

All seems to slow down as Jonan squats slightly, then starts to come up, Paul reaching under his feet and launching him at the Pony tail guy…

The Men and Black try to react, but they are too slow… Jonan has landed on the Pony Tailed Man’s Back and positioned his arms around his neck in such a way that one movement will snap his neck…

“GLARKK!!” is the only sound that comes out of the man.

“Take these Shadow Men Off My Property… Or Simply Die… Your Call” Jonan whispers in the man’s ear.

The Man starts to sweat, but lets out an Evil Laugh “HaHaHa” he then waves his hands, gesturing for all of  The Men in Black to get back into the cars, and so they do.

Jonan lets him go, and the man spins around and adjusts his Suit Jacket.

“This isn’t the end of this “Judo Man”… And let me tell you… This won’t End Well” the man turns goes back to the car, and all Six Rolls-Royce Drive off.


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4 Responses to “Whisper Moon – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle”

  1. Wow, that’s a very impressive estate Jonan has, reminds me of the one in a series called “Revenge.”

    The judo skills are really becoming very helpful. I am so glad he took up the skill when he did. It’s interesting how we only connect the dots looking backwards.

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