The Third Wish

The Third Wish

Far Across The Desert Land…

There Lives a Boy with Rugged Hands

Thief By Trade he makes his way

Dreaming of Life, Another Way

When out of a Carriage Fell A Lamp

He Grabbed it Quickly…

He Ran… He Dashed

The City Guard… They tried their best

To Capture him… It was no use

The Boy once home… Showed his friend

A Monkey that, his Time he’d spend

He Rubbed it Clean… And Out Did Come

A Genie Blue, Three Wishes to Tend

He Scratched his Chin, and Made his First

To be a Prince, With Gold to Spend

The Second was more difficult…

He Looked Around…

His People Hurt

Cure The Ill… He did Proclaim

With This Wish, No More Lame

One Last Wish… The Genie Spoke

But Many Years this one took

The Prince Ruled Well… Till Wise, And Old

And Before he died, became Quite Bold

Genie you Are My Greatest Friend

My Time has come, My Life must end

Before I die I Wish For this…

Freedom to you…

A Life of Bliss


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