Vacant Me Loving You

Vacant Me Loving You

As I Fall In The Rain…

Blue Blood… Lights of Green

The Warmth of your Voice

Calms My Nerves

Standing Hurts More than falling

Black Cloaked…

My Chest Bare to your Sea

Torn Flesh…

But not skin

I’ll Never get over you

If I had a Choice

It’d Never do

Time Wanders Forward…

But it Wanders… Without me

I Raise to your truth…

A Simple No will do

I Loved you with all That is me

Off you be

Why is it I return to you…

When you’re so far away

I Worry about you

Fear… What you’ll do

The Tearing… The Pain

Renewed… Unseen


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2 Responses to “Vacant Me Loving You”

  1. Beautiful …

    I discovered Kimbra recently, love her style, not to listen everyday but now and then it’s refreshing!

    • Thank you Heloise

      I also recently discovered her, and like you, liked her style, but don’t really listen to her much… However, I came across this video the other night, and it just blew me away… The song toar me up really, which is what inspired this poem… It opened some old wounds

      But yeah, she is refreshing

      Thanks again Heloise


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