Chess With Agatha (Chapter XV) – The Final Piece

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XV – The Final Piece




Agatha and her Party ride North East, towards the Planes of Bolon… Four Dark Fortess of Doom Knights Ride in Front, Four in Back…

The wounded Knight seems to be doing much better, with the help of The Blue Wizard Hemmingway.

Jodan and Sir Elm of Tardenwhal ride behind the Front Knights, with Morr once more in back behind the Back Four Knights.

Agatha and Hemmingbyrd are riding in the middle, with Iliad The Fool behind them.

“So…” Agatha starts.

“So?” Hemmingbyrd replies half in jest without looking at her.

“What now…” she finishes.

“We head North East to find your Second Knight” he replies.

“Who is this Second Knight?” she inquires anxiously.

“Oh, ho, ho… Pedoloonto” Hemmingbyrd replies ending with one of his silly words.

“Pedoloonto?” Agatha questions, and looks back at Iliad.

“It means…” Iliad replies as he rides up closer “If I were to tell you that, you’d surely ride in the opposite direction” Iliad finishes.

“Oh” Agatha replies with a wince, as if someone had taken a swing at her and missed.

“Hemmingbyrd… I’ve had a bit of a–” Agatha begins, but Hemmingbyrd interjects.

“Vision…” he speaks.

“I suppose… But really it’s more of a gut instinct” she replies.

“Your gut instincts “Are” Visions my dear” Hemmingbyrd responds.


As they make camp as the sun goes down, Hemmingbyrd and Agatha sit by the newly made fire.

“Tell me of this… Vision” Hemmingbyrd speaks as he sticks a piece of meat on a stick and hands it to Agatha… She then holds it over the fire, and he does the same for himself.

“It’s Queen Sorcerer Olamna” she replies, which causes Hemmingbyrd to drop his meat into the fire.

“Blag it!” he announces, then puts another piece on.

“Continue” he replies.

“I think she’s coming for us” she finishes.

With this Hemmingbyrd looks at her “Very interesting”.

Hemmingbyrd then looks over at Morr who is drinking a glass of red liquid, who then nods  back at him as if confirming that Agatha is right.

“Well then… This does change things…” Hemmingbyrd concludes.

Suddenly from behind them appears Sir Elm of Tardenwhal “Give Jodan and I a couple of the Dark Fortress Knights, and we’ll take care of them…” he speaks looking down at Hemmingbyrd, then winking at Agatha.

She in turn nestles her head downward a bit with a slight smile.

“No… I’m afraid not” Hemmingbyrd replies, stands, and starts to pace like he sometimes does… Arms behind his back.

“Besides… We will need one of your “Unique” talents where we are heading Sir Elm…” Hemmingbyrd looks at Sir Elm of Tardenwhal as he explains.

“Unique talents?” Agatha inquires, looking first at Hemmingbyrd, then Sir Elm, to no avail.

“No, I’m afraid we best leave this in Agatha and Morr’s capable hands” he finishes, and sits back down to eat.

“Me??” Agatha replies stunned.

“What?? Leave her alone with Morr??” Iliad interjects, as he also enters the firelight… With this Morr gives him a menacing grin.

“I hardly–” Iliad continues, but is cut off.

“Try to remember “Fool”” with this Iliad bows his head a bit, and sit at the fire as well.

“That Agatha is not just some “Mere” Girl” Hemmingbyrd exclaims.

“No… As long as Agatha agrees… The matter is settled… Agatha and Morr shall remain on the The Path of the Forsaken… I mean… Windhorn Pass…” Hemmingbyrd quickly corrects himself “And the rest of us shall continue North East to begin our “Most Fragile” of negoitians with “Our Second Knight”” Hemmingbyrd finishes.

“Path of the Forsaken?? Is that what this place is called???” Agatha replies.

“Now I’m going to sleep… And suggest the rest of you do the same… Save the Guard that is… Goodnight” with this Hemmingbyrd wanders off to his sleeping blanket.

Leaving the rest of them in thought, and Agatha, shaking with fear.


PICTURE CREDIT – Perelandran Chronicles


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