Dark Rider Art

It’s a Friggen Miracle, both My Brother, and My Nephew each Texted me Drawings today… My Brother actually Texted me Some Charcoal Drawings of My Main “White Jade” Character… Of course he was supposed to be working on “Dark Rider” Drawings, lol… But that’s My Brother, Super Alpha, and Super Independent, lol

His Original Drawings were pretty cool, but I couldn’t tell if it was a Guy or a Girl, Ha… So, he’s got some Rust to break off, as he hasn’t drawn in a while… But the Drawings are still very cool… Not sure if I’ll show those, need to get his permission first… Might wait for later drawings.

My Nephew on the other hand, did 4 “Dark Rider” Characters, and 1 “Captain Fire 197” oneI also need to check with him before I Post em… But I think at least 3 of the 5 came out pretty good… These are just First Sketches, but I’m curious if they’ll do more, and how they will Evolve. My Nephew Draws Good Elves, might have something to do with the fact that he Looks like an Elf, Ha

Anyway, this is more of a Silly Update, with no Pictures, just a bit of Type, lol

I did Write most of My Newest Captain Fire 197 in a Notebook today, as The internet was down for  a little while… So I should be posting that Tomorrow.

And then I need to Write My Newest Dark Rider, which hopefully I’ll also Post tomorrow, or maybe on Saturday.

The Mind Chronicles I haven’t decided what I’m doing with at this point… Someday I’d like to make it into a Comic, but it wouldn’t come until after Dark Rider, and Captain Fire 197… I haven’t decided if I’m goina continue Posting it for now… We Shall See… But My New Blog Series “Whisper Moon” is coming along pretty good, and seems to get a better response than “The Mind Chronicles”.

Anyway, this is just a bit of an Update, as I mentioned recently that I’m looken for Artists for Dark Rider, and Captain Fire 197… White Jade will be more difficult, but for some reason my Brother seems to be Drawing for that, lol

Anyway, Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading

And Thanks for Your Continued Support


2 Responses to “Dark Rider Art”

  1. Ohh. Do share the drawings that your Brother and Nephew sent! I’m curious now. :s

    • Lol, well I need to get both of their Permissions first, and that may take a day or two… Especially with my Nephew, he’s so busy… I might show a few of My Nephews, and wait for other drawings from Muh Bro… His look more like Charcoal Artish Drawings, where My Nephews are some Basic Preliminary Sketches/Pencil Drawings

      I’ll get something up ASAP though… Neither of them are Professional Artists, but I do feel each of them have a lot of talent, so like I say, I’m curious how their drawings will evolve.

      Thanks for the Comment Blue


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