Dark Rider Early Sketches From My Nephew


These are just some Preliminary Sketches from My Nephew, but I thought it would be Cool/Fun to share the process with you guys as I experience it myself… This Sketch here is Elysa, The Shape Shifting Elf who showed up First in Owl Form in The Original Dark Rider Post Here Dark Rider. She started out Following him, but later Joined his Party.

The White Owl is the Form She Takes when Transformed.

Elsya is The Guardian of The Dark Rider, though he may not realize this, from the Rendolyn Elves… A Race of Elves that he befriended and helped in his past.

What he doesn’t realize is that she’s also chosen him as a mate, but until he realizes it on his own, she will not likely tell him.


Largoth is an Elven Thalon Mercenary from the Elven Village of Rodomor, A different, more Human Relating Clan of Elves than Elysa’s Clan who live far away from Humans… Dark Rider had befriended him several years back… Largoth Shows up Here in Part Two of The Original Dark Rider Series Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia and travels with him for most of that Series. He is, however, Killed at the beginning of the “Tales of The Dark Rider” Series which takes place two years after the Original Series.

I Love this Drawing.




I Love This Drawing… It absolutely Captures what I had pictured with the Female Asian/Human Mercenary Iloh (Her First Appearance is Seen Here in Part Six of The Original Series Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon).

Iloh is in The Original “Dark Rider” Series, and also returns in the “Tales of The Dark Rider“.

That’s all for now, My Nephew is also working on some “Captain Fire 197” Drawings, which I’m very anxious to see… And plans on doing more Detail on the “Dark Rider” Drawings.

I will continue to show you Most of the Drawings that he sends me, These were actually Texted to My Phone, lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading


Dark Riders & Tales of The Dark Rider Series

Captain Fire 197 Series

2 Responses to “Dark Rider Early Sketches From My Nephew”

  1. Your nephew is very talented! How old?

    • Lol, He’s actually 29… My Sister had him pretty young… My other two nephews from my brother are like 11 and 14.

      He is an Amazing Guy… He’s actually a Professional Ballet Dancer, he lives North of San Francisco.

      But as a kid, growing up with just his Mom, He Would Draw, and Sing, and Write Amazing Poetry… He didn’t actually get into Dancing until like 17, or something like that.

      He recently did a “Kick Start”, I don’t know if you’ve heard of that… It’s an Online Tool that helps you to get Donations from people for a Project… Anyway, he was able to get $3,700 in a Month, which is just Amazing, for a Dance that he will be Dancing in, Designing, Writing and Choreographing…

      Which is part of the reason I never thought he’d find time to do these drawings… But he did.

      Thanks for your Comment Shannon, I shall pass the Compliment Along


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