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Chess With Agatha (Chapter XX) – The Game

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Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade




King Eterr’s Black Castle of Noarawyn sits upon The Great Mountain Rock, with two tall black towers sticking out of the middle of it…

Beneath it Forests and Snow…

Agatha, upon the Great Grey Dragon Tu Masa, is the first to arrive in the skies just south of The Castle… Also upon Tu Masa’s back, are the remaining Seven Knights of The Dark Fortress of Doom…

As the Castle comes into view Tu Masa brings forward movement to a halt, and holds their position in the southern sky…

Agatha’s hair has stayed black for all of the flight, and her eyes Glow Bright Blue northbound, towards the Great Castle…

Moments later Moskk arrives, carrying Hemmingbyrd, Iliad, Jodan, Sir Elm and the tied up and gagged Queen Sorceress Olamna…

Moskk flies up besides Tu Masa, and Agatha can feel the warm wind of his great wings…

Morr on the other hand is making his own way to the castle, and should be here soon.


“AYE!” Sir Elm replies.

Agatha then points at the left tower “THERE!! THAT IS WHERE WE WILL ENTER THE CASTLE!!”.

Hemmingbyrd simply nods in agreement.


“MOSKK HAS GIVEN US THIS HORN SHOULD WE NEED TO CALL UPON HIM!!” with this Hemmingbyrd holds up a great horn.

He’s about to toss it to Agatha, but then she holds up a horn as well “KEEP IT!! I HAVE A HORN AS WELL FROM TU MASA!!”…

Hemmingbyrd nods again, and straps Moskk’s Summoning Horn across his back.

“LETS GO!!” Agatha hollers, and Tu Masa continues her flight, sweeping through the air heading towards the Left Tower…

Mossk follows right behind…



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Darker Times (Chapter IV) – Hearing Voices

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Darker Times…

“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

by DarkJade

Chapter IV – Hearing Voices





Ronan and the Blond Haired Girl run out the back of the Trance Club, leaving the Two Thugs completely Frozen…

“There’s no way out of this one… I’m Sc#@$”d!” Ronan exclaims fairly hysterically.

“Quickly, I have a small car over here…” The two of them run down the Alley, until they come to the girls little white Car, and they both get in…


Police Sirens can already be heard, as she starts the car and with a…


As she quickly throws it into Second Gear…

They tear down the road, and she takes a right, as Paris Police cars are coming from in front of them, and down the road to the left… The right seems to be the only way clear.

Ronan takes note that the color of the Car is completely white, with white leather interior, and the girl is wearing all white as well.

“You have fine taste my dear” with this she quickly looks over at him, and he is gesturing towards his white hair, and white clothing.

She tries not to smile “Are you Crazy!!”.

She tears around another corner, and soon they reach her apartment building.

Quickly they dart up to the third floor where her apartment is, and they sit out on the deck watching police cars drive by.

She’s not sure how to say it, so she just says it “Uhh… How did you turn those two men to Ice?” she questions.

Ronan, unsure exactly how to answer, simply says “It’s a “Mystery”…” and smiles widely.

Meanwhile the girl just stares at him blankly.

“You know… From “Shakespeare In Love” he explains, but it is lost on her.

“Geoffrey Rush??” he says with a enthusiastic face.

Nothing… She is lost.

“Oh never mind” he says, and then stands up.

“I really should go… I need to get back to my apartment and gather up my things” he heads towards the door, but then suddenly turns around and looks at her.

She is staring at him with her faded blue eyes wide open.

“You Saved me from being arrested… And I don’t even know your name” he says.

She stands “Cleo… My name is Cleo” she replies.

“Cleo… What a lovely name… Hmph” he says, and then turns to leave.

“Don’t leave her Ronan… You’re going to need her” the woman’s voice returns in his head, and being that the alcohol has long warn off, he stops in his tracks… And is disturbed.

Cleo steps towards him “Do you hear the Voice too??” she asks to Ronan’s surprise.

He turns and faces her “Voice??”.

“Oh… Never mind” she replies and opens the door for him.

Ronan stands perfectly still for a moment, and then starts out “Thank you Cleo…” and then into the hallway.

But before she closes the door, Ronan turns back towards her “I–” he starts to say, when suddenly a Bright Purple Portal of Light suddenly appears behind him, and stepping out of it is the Foreboding 6’5″ Form of John Swift from The Year 2096, in his Long Black Sweeping Cape, with his Black Spiky Hair, and Anger Filled Blue Eyes Blaring.

He’s aiming a Large Lazer Canon at the two of them.

“You Two Best Come with me… Your Future Needs you” he says.

Ronan and Cleo are completely stunned, and only Ronan is able to mutter out “Uhh… What?”.


PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Guy With White Hair

Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Chapter III – Black Planet



Whisper Moon – Decisions

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Whisper Moon (Episode IX) – Decisions

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s New Home

February 29th, 2012


Jonan sits in the back of his Limo, talking to Paul on his Cell Phone.

“I just picked up a New Place in the Hamptons, since I Unloaded my other one…” speaks Jonan.

“If you feel that you can get Allissa and Marin here safely, go ahead and book a flight here tonight” he continues as he gets out of the Limo, holding a pair of Binoculars.

Jonan reaches the door of his New Home, turns around, and lifts the Binoculars up to his eyes… Through them he can see four Black BMW’s off in the distance parked side by side.

“And whatever you’re paying those Four Mercenaries that have been following me everywhere, offer them the same weekly to protect this New Home… Which by the way, is under a “Fake Name”… Right, I’ll see you soon” he hangs up and goes in the Huge New Home.





“Right Boss” Paul hangs up his Cell… Damn, how did he spot those guys” he stands.

“Oh well” he goes into the Living Room where Allissa is sitting, lost in thought.

Her Daughter Marin is out on the Deck Drawing in a Lawn Chair.

“Boss says we’re headen back to New York… So get your stuff together, and we’re on our way” this brings a large smile to Allissa’s face, as she feels a bit disjointed being away from New York.

The Hamptons, New York

Jonan’s New Home

Jonan sits in his Study, which pretty much looks like Paul’s Hidden Underground Room, very “Batman Cave Esq”. Everything in the room is black, and there’s lots of “Blinky Lights”.

He types away on the Black Computer Keyboard, and brings Drug Lord Flaran Ordith is up on his Screen.

He leans back in his very “Captain Kirk” like Office Chair…

“What am I going to do with you…” he says to himself.

Suddenly he gets a call on his Cell… It’s Paul’s Mercenary Friend.

“Good to meet you… I’ll be right there” Jonan goes outside of the house where one of the Black BMW’s is parked, with Paul’s Scarred Edgy looking Mercenary Friend leaning up against it.

“Hello” Jonan says as he lifts a Remote Control towards his Eight Car Garage off to the right, and Opens up four of the Doors…

“You and your Friends can park your cars in there… And just run a Standard Perimeter Sweep and Guard Post…” Jonan explains.

The man spits out his toothpick, and approaches Jonan “You really goina pay each of us 4K a week to Guard this Joint?” he asks.

“Yeah… And I’m ordering Pizza, what kind would you guys like?” Jonan asks as he makes his way back to the house.

The Mercenary Answers with a Grin “Pepperoni would be just swell Pal… And My Name–” he starts to say his name, but Jonan turns back towards him.

“Your Name isn’t necessary… Better for you that way… I’ll just call you Sam” Jonan says “Four Large Pepperonis on the way” Jonan finishes as he goes inside and closes the door.


Episode I – In The Dark

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Alone With The Light

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Alone With The Light

As I Sit Beside You…

My Face Slightly looking down

Your warm breath comes upon me

Your fingers play with the back of my hair

Tears come to me…

You Assure me… It won’t be long

The Sun and its Heat…

Can not match the Warmth Under Moonlight…

With one that you Love…

Your Hand of Blue Light… Touches mine

The Black Breeze Blows…

I am not Alone

As you hold me tight…

Arms wrapped tightly around me

Your kiss against My Cheek

You too have Tears in your eyes…

But yours are of Light

And when they fall

Our Love Ignites



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by DarkJade

“My Mother’s Garden…”

“Beams of Sunlight Part the Clouds, and strike my Face as I, Eyes Closed, Gaze towards the Heavens…”

“Purple Flowers…”

“The Taste of Salt on my Lips, From this warm Spring Day…”

“A Cool Breeze Carrying The Promising Pollen From Her Deep Purple Blooms Across The Air…”

The Year 2153

Aboard The Star Craft Excelon

A Young Girl, maybe 22, stands in front of a great window, of a very luxurious Star Craft Cabin.

Her hair is short, spiky and black…

Her body, petite, but strong.

The Cabin Lights are shut down, but you can still make out her grey, silver and faded blue Excelon Star Craft Uniform…

Her eyes are dark brown, but closed, when they should be open…

In her hands is a silver, ornate serving tray…

Upon it are three perfect glass science flasks…

Each one holding a different colored liquid.

The First is a murky brown… Almost as if someone mixed oil and water.

The Second, a “Pumpkin” colored orange.

And the Third… A Vibrant Blue, the likes of the Oceans of the Ancient Islands of Earth…

DAY DREAMING!!” suddenly the unnaturally bright Cabin Lights come on, and a partially robotic, partially synthetic voice speaks at the girl accusingly…

Her eyes, now heavy and saddened, open to the truth…

Across the room from her is the Owner of the Room…

The One she was meant to do deliver these 3 Colored Flasks to…

A SynthBot Named “Thompson Elias The Fourth“…

She turns to face these accusations…

“No… Please… I Wasn’t” she says apathetically. Almost, mockingly.

The lights on, a scar can be seen across her beautiful, almost otherwise porcelain face.

A 4 inch jagged reminder, of who is truly in control of this Space Bound World…

LIAR!!” Thomas says with a Robotic Sneer.

GUARDS!!!” he yells.

With this, two other Humans, these two both men, and also baring similar scars on their faces, enter the room.

These two are in All Black Uniforms, with Helmets which have Visors that cover their eyes.

And they each carry a long “Zapping” Stick.

“Yes My Liege” they both speak in unity.

Thomas holds up his Sparkling Partially Synthetic, Partially High End Robotics, Arm and points at the Dark Haired Girl…

SHE WAS DAYDREAMING!!” he proclaims.

TAKE HER AWAY!!” he demands.

With this she apathetically Gazes in Thomas’s Direction… Rage building inside her.

“The Name is Tara you Over Powered Food Dispenser” she plainly states, and the Rage subsides.

Quickly, the Two Human Guards grab her arms, and drag her out of the room.

She smiles knowingly at Thomas as she goes… He is not amused.

When they reach the hallway, she stands upright, and they escort her down the large Star Craft Hallway.

“Tara… For God Sake… Stop It!” one of the Guards suggests urgingly to her.

“Do you wish to be “Dismantled”??” he states more than asks.

“If you think I fear them for a minute… Then you are Greatly Mistaken” she says cockily.

“This is your Fourth Assignment in a row that you’ve rashly discarded…” the Guard explains.

“Just how long do you think it will be before they finally decide to “Deactivate” you?!” he exclaims.

With this Tara comes to a sudden halt, and looks at the Guard “Dismantle… Deactivate… Do you have any idea how “Wrong” that sounds when talking about a Human Being” the other Guard who doesn’t seem to care either way, grabs her arm and forces her forward.

“As The Second Guard Continues to Drag Me… I Hear The Subtle Sounds of Mozart Drifting Into The HallwayBefore Me…”

“All Sound and Movement seems to slow as we pass by an open door where some twenty or so of the SynthBots sit at School Like Desks, and are Forced to Listen to The Famous Composer Mozart, in hopes to Evoke some sort of a “Soul”… Something they definitely don’t have…”

“Something We Have, but They Don’t… And it Drives Them Mad… And in Their Madness, they’ve nearly Driven The Humans to Extinction… There’s only some Tens of Thousands of us left… Most of which are in Service aboard these Star Crafts, the SynthBots Call “Their Temples”… As they have as of yet, not found a place to Build Cities of their own… Being they took out Earth, whilst Taking out us…”

The door to the room closes, and we have passed it by…

“If they admire us so much, why do you think it is that they have decimated us to the remote Thousands in numbers… Down from Millions…” Tara says loudly.

“You mustn’t say these things Tara… Your Life is in Paramount Jeopardy!!” the Friendlier Guard exclaims to her, trying to quiet her.

“Paramount Jeopardy” she replies as she tries to shake off the other Guard from dragging her…

“Listen to yourself Tara… They’re doing their best to be “More Human”…” the friendly Guard implores.

“Where as you are doing your best to be “Robotic”” she replies.

With this the other Guard tosses Tara to the ground, and strikes her with the Electric Stick.


“AHH!!” she screams.

“Don’t you know only SynthBots are allowed to strike Humans…” the friendly Guard says to the other.

Tara wipes some blood from her lip.

“This one had it coming… She’s going to get us all killed” exclaims the Second Guard.

“That’s more like it” Tara says under her breath as she comes to her feet.

And with a sudden single blow, strikes the Second Guard in the jugular, causing him to crumple to the ground unconscious.

“TARA!! NO!!!” the friendlier Guard yells, as she takes off down the hallway.


PICTURE CREDIT – Columbia Spaceship



Chess With Agatha (Chapter XIX) – The Stand In King

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Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XIX – The Stand In King



Jodan, Hemmingbyrd and Agatha stand outside the Entrance of The Cavern of Moskk discussing their “Two Dragon” predicament.

Meanwhile, Morr puts The Queen Sorceress Olamna on a horse, and The Seven Remaining Dark Fortress of Doom Knights prepare the horses for travel.

And Iliad somersaults around Morr and the Knights Singing Songs of Doom…

“Ohhh, The Dragons They Came…

And Ate The Men…

Nothing They Could Do…

It Happened Twice As Fast…

As One Might Think…

As The Dragons Numbered…


“QUIET FOOL!!” Hemmingbyrd suddenly yelled over to Iliad, breaking away from the conversation with Agatha and Jodan.

“Sorry about that… Continue” Hemmingbyrd spoke to Jodan and Agatha.

“Well, this is a real problem, as Moskk was to be our “Final Piece”…” spoke Jodan in a discouraged tone.

“Hmm… Yes, and we don’t want to offend Tu Masa, nor do we want to offend Moskk in asking her to step aside” spoke Hemmingbyrd.

“Yess… One Dragon is bad enough” Iliad suddenly appeared, and interjected.

“Shoosh!!” demanded Hemmingbyrd once more.

“And we also lost one of our Eight Dark Fortress of Doom Knights…” continues Jodan.

“Which seems to have shaken up the rest of them” replies Agatha, who gestures over to the rather nervous looking remaining seven, who have tied their comrades helmet and gear to his horse, after burying him.

“Yes… Well… He shouldn’t have touched Moskk’s Gold… That was a Grave Error…” interjected Hemmingbyrd who truly understands the workings of this world.

“Let Tu Masa take my spot…” proclaims Sir Elm of Tardenwhal who has just come out of the Entrance of Moskk’s Cavern.

“I’ll take the place of King Elias until we free him… After all… We need someone in that position per “War Game” Regulations, right??” Sir Elm employees.

“War Game Regulations… Those Silly Rules put in place to Regulate the amount of deaths that occur during War Time between different Peoples… So that we don’t Completely Massacre one another’s total Population before calling out a Winner… Uncanny” thinks Hemmingbyrd to himself.

“War Game Regulations?? But more like a Chess Game… Right?? Replies Agatha within Hemmingbyrd’s Mind.

With this Hemmingbyrd jumps, not having had anyone penetrate his mind before.

And gestures a wave of his hand at Agatha, as if telling her to get out of his head.

“Yes Agatha…” Iliad suddenly replies to Agatha’s thoughts, as he is well versed in speaking to her telepathically, from the many months of beconing her to come back to this world to save her father King Elias.

“Do yourself a favor, and don’t listen to Hemmingbyrd’s thoughts Agatha, they won’t always make sense, and may in some way disturb your mind… After all… He is a Wizard” Iliad continues with a smile, and places a hand on one of her shoulders.

“He does have a point… Your Father is rather “Tied Up” right now… And Certainly won’t be joining us in battle” Hemmingbryd says to Agatha.

“That way you can bring both of the Dragons…” Sir Elm says with a reassuring smile.

“Oh Joy…” Iliad says, but quickly scampers off before Hemmingbyrd can whack him with the end of his Staff.

“We don’t even know this Tu Masa…” Morr suddenly appears, and interjects.

“Moskk is renowned for his Honor in such matters as “War Time”, but he hardly even knows her himself…” Morr finishes.

Suddenly Tu Masa in her Human Form appears from the Entrance to the Cavern “Thank you for your Vote of Confidence… Vampire” hisses Tu Masa in Morr’s general direction, without actually looking at him… No her eyes never leave Agatha as she approaches.

Agatha takes note of this, but isn’t sure if she should smile at her, but does slightly anyway…

“Sterran Ogb Eden Moskk Parom” Dragon Words from Tu Masa suddenly enter Agatha’s mind, and then she walks away.

Without thinking, Agatha repeats the words out loud to the others “Sterran Ogb Eden Moskk Parom” and all of them look at her.

“Ha Ha” Sir Elm starts to laugh to the others surprise “She’s telling you to stay away from Moskk” he continues to laugh a bit.

Yet the others seem not amused… Especially Agatha who locates Tu Masa off in the distance, still staring at her.

“You do realize Sir Elm… Taking The King’s Position in Battle would put you in the Gravest of Risk…” implores Hemmingbyrd to Sir Elm.

“I understand” replies Sir Elm with the utmost confidence.

“Also, If they take you down… We shall be forced to yield to them” interjects Jodan.

“Not on my watch…” Agatha also interjects, her voice changed slightly, and her hair black as it often turns in battle…

“Hmm… Well then… Oindo Bloggen” replies Hemmingbyrd, with one of his strange words, which all take as “It’s Settled Then”.

“And Then There’s The Matter of “The Curse”…

That no one seems to want to talk about” sings Iliad in the background.

All save Agatha don’t really pay Iliad the Fool any mind… Agatha looks over at Iliad

“The Curse… Agamemnom… My Father has spoken of this to me” she thinks to Iliad, who merely smiles and continues to hum his somber melody.

As they begin to separate and go to their horses, Agatha makes a point to step over to Sir Elm.

“Thank you Sir Elm… You Place yourself in Great Danger by doing this…” she explains.

“We are all in Danger my sweet” with this he takes one of her hands and kisses it “Tis My Honor”.

Morr takes note of this, and feels an unfamiliar “Twinge” in his stomach, but pays it no mind.

“ARE WE READY THEN!!” Mosk suddenly steps out of the Cavern and walks into the nearby field… And that’s when he begins his change…

“Good Lord” Iliad proclaims out loud without thinking, as Moskk transforms into his Great Black Dragon Form, with Eyes of Silver… But he is some five times larger than any suspected he’d be.

“THERE WILL BE NO NEED FOR THE HORSES!!” he proclaims, indicating that half shall ride him, and the other half shall ride Tu Masa.

With this, Tu Masa also steps into the field, and transform into her Great Grey and Silver Dragon Form… She is perhaps 40% smaller, but can still carry many men.

All seem a feared, save Agatha whose Black Hair continues to Blare, and her Brilliant Eyes Radiate in Deep Glowing Blue…

Agatha steps towards Tu Masa “The Seven Dark Fortress of Doom Knights and I shall ride atop Tu Masa” with this the Knights look at one another, and with great apprehension, follow Agatha, who has now mounted Tu Masa.

“Well played girl…” says Hemmingbyrd under his breath, knowing Agatha has done this to build trust with Tu Masa.

“I shall make my own way!” Proclaims Morr, who places the Queen Sorceress Olamna upon Moskk’s back, and then disappears in a flash.

Tu Masa then hits the sky like a Lightning Bolt “HOLD ON BACK THERE!!” she yells.

And Jodan, Sir Elm, Iliad and The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd are now ready “WHEN YOU’RE READY MOSKK!!” Hemmingbyrd calls out as he raises his Staff to the Sky…

“AND OFF WE GO!!” Moskk calls out, and Swoops Up into the sky, disappearing into the Clouds.


PHOTO CREDIT – Dragon Riders


Chapter One – The Protector

Chapter Two – Another Life

Chapter 2.5 – Hemmingbyrd’s Dream

Chapter Three – Check

Chapter Four – Hunting for Unicorns

Chapter Five – The Coming of Agatha

Chapter 5.5  – A Fool’s Heart

Chapter Six – Table Manners

Chapter Seven – Elias

Chapter Eight – West Bound

Chapter Nine – Red And Blue Forest

Chapter X – Yokade Labyrinth

Chapter XI – Vanishing Sky

Chapter XII – The Curse

Chapter XIII – The Minotaur Orft

Chapter XIV – Queen Sorceress Olamna

Chapter XV – The Final Piece

Chapter XVI – Agatha Rising

Chapter XVII – The Dragon Truth

Chapter XVIII – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa

Chapter XX – The Game

Chapter XXI – Infiltrate

Chapter XXII – Into The Belly of The Beast


Sucker Punch – An Important Message, In A Dark Package

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There’s a Few Very Important things you should Keep In Mind before you “Embark” on Seeing “Sucker Punch“…

1) This is a Pretty Dark Film (And When I Say Dark, I mean There’s Bad People, Doing Some Pretty Bad Things In It)

2) Don’t Get Too Attached to Any Of The Characters… Nuff Said

3) It Basically has a “Very Strong” Graphic Novel Feeling to it (If You’re Not Familiar with what a Graphic Novel is, Think Highly Concentrated Comic Book… Generally More Intense Stories, with Very Strong, Well Done Art…

This Film was Directed, and Co-Written by, The Guy who Directed and Co-Wrote The Screenplay for 300 (Which was Originally a Graphic Novel)

And Also Directed “Watchmen“, which was “Very Much” Based on a Cult Classic Graphic Novel.

Both Which Are Pretty Dark Films, as Graphic Novels Often Are… Though Watchmen was a Bit Darker than 300 in My Opinion/Experience.

Basically If You’re Cool with Lobotomies, Violence, and Physical Abuse of Woman (Well Not “Cool” With it, but can Take it being in the Film), than maybe you’ll get something out of this Film…

For me, being A Film Maker, a Screenplay Writer, and a Writer in General, it’s Basically Like Doing Homework for me…

The Things I Liked About The Film;

1) Strong Female Characters, Especially The Lead (As Many of you may, or may not of noticed, I Write about, or Often Include, Strong Female Characters in My Stories… I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I grew up with a Very Strong Mom, who was a Single Mother of Four Kids, and a Hell of a Survivor… Coupled with the fact that I think Girls, Potentially, Are Bad A$$, Ha)

2) Fascinating “Imagination” Sequences Meaning Scenes that “Stem” from the Lead Character’s Imagination, as a way to “Deal” With Difficult Situations that she’s Actually Dealing With in Reality.

3) Good Message to Woman, or At Least Young Woman. Fight Fight Fight, for what you Deserve in This Life.

And Now For Some Video Footage That You Might Enjoy, Especially If You Don’t See The Film;

(Keep In Mind, The Fantasy Sequences Are Only Part of This Film, It’s The Reality Scenes That Are Darker)

Giant Samurais

Defeating Imaginary Enemies, Whilst In Reality, Defeating Real Ones

See This Film At Your Own Risk Like I say, I’m a Film Maker/Writer, so for me I wanted to Check it out… And I felt by the end, that It had some “Good Messages” about Surviving some “Real Difficult” Realities… But That’s Just Me

Nuff Said

Thanks For Reading/Listening/Watching