The Black Knight

The Black Knight

The Black Knight, on one knee, sat within his old gods cathedral…

His Black Winge-ed Helm sitting on the floor beside him.

His hair was straight out white, his eyes piercing green, staring directly into the gaze of the large statue of his once followed god…

As if trying to stare him down, knocking him right off his great thrown of marble and wood.

“You couldn’t just leave well enough alone… Could you” his  thoughts went out, as if holding conversation directly with Cuez himself.

Suddenly a Most Malicious Prince entered the chamber “All Done Praying??” he spoke disrespectfully to The Black Knight, who picked up his helmet, placed it on his head, and walked right past the Prince with a Harrowing shift of air…

…leaving the Prince Alone in the Gods Chamber

Waiting outside some 10,000 Men In Arms, as The Black Knight steps out into the Cold Morning Light, Mounts his Steed, and Raises his Great Axe “TO VICTORY!!!” he Bellows, and Rides Directly Through The Many Soldiers who Cheer him as he goes.


PICTURE CREDIT – The Black Knight

12 Responses to “The Black Knight”

  1. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Thank you for the escapism, love your writing 🙂

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  3. The picture of the black knight here is surreal…interesting story. I didn’t think it was an actual show really.

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