The White Knight

The White Knight

by DarkJade

(Be Sure to Check Out The The Black Knight First)

High atop a Nearby MountainCorandero, The White Knight, watches as Jorando leads The Evil Prince Me-Choey‘s Army towards the North, where they will surely defeat The People of Breenum.

“Jorando… Your Dark Deeds Need Come to an End” he thinks to himself.

“But I can not defeat an Army… No… Not alone”.

He then Mounts his Great Grey Stallion, and makes his way down the other side of the Mountain.


PICTURE CREDIT – The White Knight


2 Responses to “The White Knight”

  1. Do the knights ever work together?

    • Corandero (The White Knight) in this short Post is watching Jorando (Who is The Black Knight) leading the Evil Prince Me-Choey’s Army into Battle.

      So at the moment, they are on Opposite Ends of the Spectrum… Corandero intends on stopping Jorando (The Black Knight) from doing things such as helping Evil Princes.

      So at the moment like I say, they will not be working together… But as far as further down the road, one never knows… It is a Good Question, and there is definitely “More than Meets the Eye” going on here.

      Thanks for the Comment Vee


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