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Tales Of The Dark Rider – Dark Intent

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Deep in the hidden Crag’s of Nor… Home to both The Criminal, and The Unsavory…

And Also… Assassins.

All but two or three remain in the Dark Unicorn Tavern… Save one shadowy figure who sits at a back corner table, his hood pulled over his head…

Upon his table, a drink which he stirs with a dagger… And a black velvet pouch full of gold… Which lay spilled slightly across the table top.

“Be there anything else for yah muh lord… Before I close up” The Barkeep asks the man… But he does not answer.

The Barkeep shrugs, and goes back behind the bar…

Suddenly the man stands almost without thinking… Grabs his pouch of gold, tossing a coin on the table, he steps outside into the Cool Night Air…

All is quiet… And yet not well.


He stands there perfectly still without making a sound for many moments… As if waiting for the Dark to Tell Him something.

“You’d best show yourself stranger… Either way, you won’t be taken in air much longer…” speaks the dark hooded man, speaking out into the solemn night.


When suddenly The Dark Rider In “Green Ranger Attire” appears before him…

“You killed a friend of mine…” he speaks bluntly.

“HAHA! I kill many friends… Of many men… You needs be more specific” replied the Dark Assassin.

“A Dwarf… By the name of Ems…” replies The Dark Rider obligingly… And yet tension fills his voice.

“Ahh yes… In The Duck’s Wind Tavern, to the North East… What of it… Do you think I fear a Ranger… HAHA!” he laughs once again.

The Dark Rider than pulls down his hood exposing his visage, which bares a foreboding grimace

“I am no Ranger… I am The Dark Rider…” with this The Assassin stands perfectly still for another minute, not hardly breathing…

The two stand staring… Waiting… Waiting… And when The Assassin’s first droplet of sweat falls from his forehead, and he readies to grab his blades, that’s when the Dark Rider Strikes!

All slows down as he’s in the Air Flying at The Assassin, both of his blades raised, Anger in his Heart, And Death at the Ends of his swords…

GLARKKK!!!is the last sound The Assassin makes as he’s pinned up against a wall with The Dark Rider’s Two Blades sticking in him… His eyes dead…

The Dark Rider, almost without feeling, pulls the swords out, and walks away… Leaving The Assassin to fall to the ground in a slump.


PICTURE CREDIT – Dark Tavern and Outside Tavern, Green Ranger

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Dark Rider Season One







Spread Thin

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Spread Thin

I Grow Weary…

My Heart… It Slows

My Blood…

It Flows

To What End

Weary and Worn…

Bent… Twisted…

And More

Somehow I’ve Shattered The Glass…

Between Now…

And the Past

I’ve Entered a sky

Which Never Will End…

Looking back…

These Dark Clouds Fold

How am I Both Young…

And Old

I am Cast Away to Silence…

Waiting for some Glimpse of Hope…

Some… Trace of Life’s Delight

To Reel me in



VIDEO CREDIT – Lindsey Stirling @ LindseyStirlingViolin & LindseyStomp @YouTube

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