Spread Thin

Spread Thin

I Grow Weary…

My Heart… It Slows

My Blood…

It Flows

To What End

Weary and Worn…

Bent… Twisted…

And More

Somehow I’ve Shattered The Glass…

Between Now…

And the Past

I’ve Entered a sky

Which Never Will End…

Looking back…

These Dark Clouds Fold

How am I Both Young…

And Old

I am Cast Away to Silence…

Waiting for some Glimpse of Hope…

Some… Trace of Life’s Delight

To Reel me in



VIDEO CREDIT – Lindsey Stirling @ LindseyStirlingViolin & LindseyStomp @YouTube

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6 Responses to “Spread Thin”

  1. First of all the Violin is amazing…I love the sound…with the ice and all…really beautiful stuff

    Your poem makes me think of falling off a cliff and waking up to find myself in a beautiful meadow…Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

    For some reason cliffs fascinate me am not sure why…

    • I discovered Lindsey Stirling (The Violinist) a Month or so ago… She Blows Me away… And the sound of the Violin in this Melody, is just Staggering… Coupled with The Ice Caves like you say, and her dancing… She really performs Dancing and Playing at the same time, it’s pretty Amazing.

      As far as the Poem, it definitely gets Worse before It gets better… I’ve been so busy lately with all the Marketing Stuff of my Blogs and Writing… Which I know is good… But sometimes at the end of the day I feel a bit Spent… Spread Thin as it were… And it makes me miss Being in Love…

      Having someone to share the Regular Day to Day things with… Being Alone, I get an Immense Amount of Creative Stuff Accomplished… But sometimes it’s hard to not have that special someone to share it with… I found that especially hard when I got my Poetry Book into The Bookstore… I was so Excited, but had no one… But sharing it with My Fellow Artists was quite fulfilling on its own.

      I seem to recall you mentioning a Cliff Before… Something about coming to the end of a Cliff, and then changing and going the other way… I think it was one of your Posts.

      Thanks for the Comment Vee


  2. Lovely music and poem. I think she was on the BBC about six months ago playing.

  3. That’s really beautiful – both the poem and the music. And I think the music went well with the feeling I got from the poem. I don’t usually read a lot of poetry, but I really connected with this.

    • Thank you Paige… I’ve never read a lot of Poetry either, and Never really Wrote it until just last year when I started this Blog… I had Written some Songs which were basically like Poems, which I added Chorus to, but that was over 10 years ago.

      I thought this Song went well with the Poem as well, I try to line em up as much as possible if I use a Song with a Poem.

      Thanks for you Comment and Compliment


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