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Out Of Love

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Out Of Love

Stepping Forward…

I’m suddenly Blinded by Your Light

I Pause

Begin to step back…

Back into the Pain

Back into some Darker Place

But I can not live a lie… No

The Pain it Grows…

Shards of your Light are not… Enough

My Hopes…

My… Dreams

Oh how they Cling to you…

But they are Misguided…

It’s Not Your Fault… No

This isn’t Your Fault

I hold this Powder Blue Light…

Caress it in my hand…

Feel it with my Finger Tips

It’s not so bad…

Being Alone



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Free Digital Copy of Winter, Lust, And Wonder

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As Part of a Special Amazon Program I Signed up to with My Digital Version of My Poetry Book, Winter, Lust, And Wonder, I can occasionally get Copies to People at No Charge

Keep in mind You Don’t Need A Kindle to get a Copy of The Digital Version

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Once you’ve done that, Here’s The Link to My Poetry Book Winter, Lust, And Wonder Digital Version

Off to the Right I think it asks you what kind of Format you want, Click it to your PC, as Opposed to “The Cloud”, unless you want it saved on an online Cloud.

It sounds complicated, but it’s not, lol

My Digital Poetry Book will be Free for The Next 48 Hours, so Jump over there and Download a Copy… I believe once you do, you can also Loan your Copy to People, should you want to Share it with anyone.

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