Chess With Agatha (Chapter XVII) – The Dragon Truth

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XVII – The Dragon Truth



The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd, Jodan, Sir Elm of Tardenwhal, Iliad The Fool and The Eight Knights of The Dark Fortress of Doom arrive at the Entrance of The Cavern of Moskk… The Black Dragon.

“Ok, now what…” Jodan speaks at Hemmingbyrd who adjusts his hat, and dismounts.

“How is it again that you intend to “Open a Dialog” with The Man Eating, Gold Hoarding Black Dragon of Bolon?” Jodan then questions.

Hemmingbyrd in turn glances over at Sir Elm of Tardenwhal who is dismounting as well.

“I speak Dragon Tongue” Sir Elm replies.

Jodan does not look amused, nor impressed.

“You do??!” replies Iliad the Fool, in a surprised tone.

“I do… And if this Dragon is to be My “Brother” in Arms… Than there’s definitely a discussion to be had” replies Sir Elm.

“Now I best go in there and talk to him” Sir Elm proclaims as he approaches the entrance.

“I shall accompany you” announces Hemmingbyrd as he steps forward staff in hand.

“So shall I!” Iliad suddenly interjects to everyone’s surprise.

Iliad then holds  up the hand with the Yellow Stoned Ring on it “This works against Dragon Fire… Right?” he questions.

Hemmingbyrd staring at him merely replies “Hmmph…” and follows Sir Elm.

Iliad trippingly stumbles in behind them.


Morr and Agatha are riding Morr’s horse, Agatha holding onto him from the back… While attached to a rope following behind is Agatha’s Horse, with Queen Sorceress Olamna, hands tied and mouth gagged, being thrown all about.

Agatha’s hair is white blond once more.

“Tell me again why you didn’t let My “Darker” Self kill her??” she speaks to Morr while holding tightly onto him.

“She is our bargaining tool to get back your Father…” Morr replies.

“Do you really think The Dark King EterrSomeone of such Pure Evil, can be bargained with?” she questions.

Morr smiles menacingly “Sure”.


“It’s dark” speaks Iliad softly.

“Shoosh!” replies Hemmingbyrd.

“Not for long my good friend… Not for long” replies Sir Elm to Iliad.

It’s then that the cavern ahead begins to take on a slight golden glow.

“Moskk’s Treasure…” Jodan’s voice can suddenly be heard from behind them, as he and The Eight Knights of The Dark Fortress of Doom suddenly appear.

“What are you doing here Jodan!!” Hemmingbyrd says in a quiet hiss.

“You mean it’s true what they say about Dragon’s Treasure?” Iliad speaks more to himself than the others.

“Well, we couldn’t let you have all the fun now could we” replies Jodan to Hemmingbyrd.

“Of course it is” Sir Elm leans over and replies to Iliad, whose eyes are suddenly a glow at the idea of seeing a real life Dragon’s Treasure.

“A Dragon’s Treasure is its Pride and Joy… Its Glory” Sir Elm finishes.

Hemmingbyrd then waves his hands about shushing everyone “Shussh!!”.

They all then continue to move forward, Sir Elm leading, with Hemmingbyrd, Iliad and Jodan right behind, and the Knights coming behind them.

Suddenly they come around a corner in the Cavern, and there it is… Moskk’s Glorious Treasure… Piles, upon piles, upon piles of Gleaming, Glimmering Gold.

“Well now, would yah look at that” exclaims Jodan quietly.

Meanwhile all of their eyes, save Sir Elm and Hemmingbyrd who seem quite comfortable with the massive amounts of treasure, are opened as wide as they can possibly be.

Hemmingbyrd leans back so that all may hear “No matter what you do… Don’t touch anything…”.

They all sorta nod in half agreement.

“Not A Thing!!” Hemmingbyrd reiterates with another harsh hiss.

“Now wait here” Hemmingbyrd says as he and Sir Elm step further into the Gold Laced Chamber.

Meanwhile, the previously wounded Dark Fortress of Doom Knight, whose arm is in a sling, and who hadn’t really been paying attention to Hemmingbyrd, begins to drift over to one of the large stacks of gold.

Hemmingbyrd and Sir Elms are nearing the middle of the Chamber, peering left, then right, with no sign of The Black Dragon Moskk.

The wounded Dark Fortress of Doom Knight then starts to slowly, oh so quietly, stick some gold into one of his leather pouches.

Jodan’s Keen Lycanthrope hearing picks up on it immediately, and with a quick look and sneer “NO MAN!! HOLD!” he says as his eyes begin to Glow His Wolf’s Red.

“Oh no” are the last words that are mumbled by Hemmingbyrd before a young man in his twenties, with white blond hair, and dressed majestically in all white clothing, suddenly drops from the air, and tears the Knights throat out.




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