Darker Times – The Wakening

Darker Times…

by DarkJade

The Wakening




John Swift makes his way down the long Council Chamber Corridor, heading directly for the Elevator Chute which will take him to the Ground Surface.

Pulling on his Long Black Gloves as he walks.

His Long Sweeping Black Cape whooshing to and fro as he goes, his form a Formidable 6’4″ Tall, weighing maybe 230lbs.

Dressed in All Black, with Short Black Hair, and Deep Blue Angry Eyes, he’s quite a site to see…

Behind him stumbling to keep up, is Odomo Jones, John Swift’s Assistant.

He is Blond, Thin and Jangly.

“You really shouldn’t of said that My Lord–” Odomo begins to say, but John Swift quickly stops, turns, grabs him by the throat, and presses him up against the corridor wall.

“REALLY!! TELL ME AGAIN WHAT I SHOULD, AND SHOULD NOT DO…” John’s Stark Gaze alone could have pinned him, let alone the strength of his hand, and arm.

“Sorry… My Lord” Odomo replies as he breaks into a sweat.

John sneers, than releases him, he falls straight to the floor with a “THUMP.

Odomo sighs slightly, then jumps to his feet, and barely catches up in time to make the Elevator with him.




John Swift enters his Personal Quarters, removes his long black gloves, and tosses them on a side table…

He leaves the lights off in the room, save the little sparkly lights of his home bar which always remain on, as he pours himself a blue glowing drink, which seems to change from blue, to green, to purlple.

He walks up to his Living Room Window which overlooks a large stretch of Mars Surface.

“It was the day after the night that she came to me in a dream…”

“Like some Phantom… Tucked away in the furthest reaches of My Memories”

“My Mother…”



An older Woman, John’s Grandmother, lays in a Mars Hospital Bed, just before she dies…

Also in the room is a 12 year old John Swift.

He stands some 20 feet away harrowed with fear.

“Come to me Boy…” she calls to him, as she waves her hand.

John approaches, and she grasps his arm.

“She saved you John… Your Mother saved you”


John Swift stares as if in a trance looking out the window holding his now Blue Drink.

“Sure She saved me… But she perished in the process… Leaving me alone in this Dark, Unforgiving World”

He throws back the drink in one shot.

“This Will Not Do!” he sets the glass down, and heads back out of his Quarters, his door sliding open as he approaches, then sliding shut once he’s left.


Chapter II – Ice Man Cometh



11 Responses to “Darker Times – The Wakening”

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  2. I love the description of Odomo Jones…

    “He is Blond, Thin and Jangly.”

    I love the idea of someone being ‘jangly’ – it’s great!

    Is there a reason you capitalise the beginning of some words? It’s really interesting and adds a sense of poetry to the writing but I’m not sure I understand it.

    I’m currently torn between doing some writing and doing some reading so instead I’m mooching on the internet while I have my tea!

    • It’s a Style Thing, and Yeah, I actually started doing it when I started Posting Poetry Last Year

      As I am a “Visual Artist”, Originally I Pursued Film Making, I tend to feel somewhat “Limited” when Writing, so I might do things like that to Emphasize Certain Words

      I do it Completely Instinctively, Some People Like it, others are Distracted by it…

      Everything I Write on this Blog is Basically “First Draft”, and also, I tend to treat it a bit like a “Creative Writing Journal”, so “Proper Grammar” doesn’t really play a Role here

      Thanks for your Comment Grave


      • Interesting… It’s something I’ve talked to children in school about when we’re studying poetry the superiority of the humble capital letter.

        I guess I’m the enemy because it’s my job to make sure that pupils write within the limits in school. At least as far as exams are concerned!

        I think I find it kind of distracting but in a good way! It makes me think more about specific words… I guess there’s a reason to stop and stumble over certain words isn’t there?

        I bet you’re really sick of people asking though so thanks for replying and answering! I am finding all of your blogs very fascinating.

        • Math and Creative Writing were My Thing in School… Grammar was Boring for me, an I’m not really a Reader, which I believe is the best way to Learn Our Language… I’m a Dreamer, Public Schools aren’t so Great for Dreamers… They Tend, or can be, Very “Spiritually Limiting”.

          I do think it is a “Admirable” thing to be a Teacher though… And I respect that Teachers have to follow Certain Perimeters…

          I am a Very Dramatic Person, not meaning I like “Actual Life” Drama… But meaning, Intense, Colorful Expression… My Favorite Teacher of all time was a High School English Teacher, that also Taught “Theater”… When he Read Shakespeare out loud, he “Physically”, and in all other ways, Got into it… And I Admired his Passion.

          I suspect that people that are “Really Good At English” are the one’s that really get distracted by it… As their Minds have been Trained to Write and Read Proper English.

          Like I say, this is more of a Journal, Designed for Expression, with Minimal Limitation… I find it helps to keep the “Creative Wings” more fully Expanded.

          Nah, not bugged, I Live, Think and Create Wayyy Outside of the Box… So I expect to Ruffle a few Feathers as I go

          Thanks for your Comments


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