Love is Starting to Feel like some Faint Memory…

Some… Myth Amongst the Clouds

Where Boy Meets Girl…

And All is Right in the World…

I Have Known Love Before…

Though part of me laughs at the Part of me that Says So…

And Says… Tis Not So

Get Back Upon That Ship of Yours…

Yes, Cast Yourself to Sea…

The Truths, and Lies, and Hopes You Have…

Will Simply Never Be…




Are all that Accompany Me…



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10 Responses to “Wrecked”

  1. Sad lovely piece…

    “I Have Known Love Before…” this is a powerful line,am tempted to add…

    “Love watches me as I walk away
    Understands me when I doubt
    Never judges
    All the while
    Sorrounding me
    Waiting for me to see that
    We are one
    I am love
    I can never walk away from
    that which is me”

    I am having an extremely beautiful sunny morning lol

    • Lol, obviously, hee hee

      That is Lovely Vee… You should Post it

      Yeah, I’ve had kind of a sad day today

      I’m really happy about my Writing, the fact that I’m doing so much of it that is, but Arghh, I’m a Romantic… And I simply miss having someone to Share My Life with… So hard to find someone that you’re actually Compatible with

      I Like your Poem, and it means a lot to me that you Wrote it

      Thanks Vee


      • So sorry to hear about your day…

        Sometimes dark clouds come over us and we may forget that the sun always shines. Whether we can see it or not. Now am realising am writing all poetical and stuff but I can’t help it. My heart is bursting with joy…lol Let me stop myself

        I send you energy and sunshine from over here to disperse your sad clouds.

        I strongly believe that what you are looking for WILL FIND YOU, or YOU WILL FIND it. I don’t know if you have heard of this method. But I use it all the time. And it works.

        Writing a letter to the universe http://www.deliberateblog.com/2012/03/11/letter-to-the-universe/

        I have taught myself to always let go and trust. Even when I can’t see what is round the corner. Going with flow of life literally. Sometimes it’s really hard, but always worthwhile.

        I am in a bubble of joy lol

        • Lol, I’m glad that you are well Vee… And thank you for your Well Wishes… I did Write a Letter, and I will now Destroy it, lol

          Thanks Again, Lol


  2. That’s really beautiful. I especially like the lines –
    “I Have Known Love Before…
    Though part of me laughs at the Part of me that Says So…”

  3. Love it! You are very good!

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