Captain Fire 197 – Full Circle



Jenna sits inside the Druggy Abandoned Building, bodies of Drugies, or Henchmen of The Drug Lord Colonel Otquai‘s Number One Man, “Rain”, either dead, or knocked unconscious…

Outside The Toodlock Thire Police are still holding their position, and not entering the building.

Nisho suddenly appears, and approaches Jenna…

Jenna senses Nisho.

“Get back Nisho! I can’t seem to control this…” Jenna says with her head hung low, never looking up at Nisho.

“Sure you can” Nisho confidently replies.

“NO!! NISHO!! GET OUT!!! I DON’T WANT TO HURT YOU, BUT I WILL!!!” Jenna suddenly floats into the air, and gazes at Nisho as she yells.

Her eyes full of Rage.

Nisho steps even closer, she’s maybe 15 feet from Jenna now.

“You couldn’t always control your Telepathy right? This is no different Jenna…” Nisho pleas.

“This…” Jenna starts to cry as she lowers back to the floor, her hands over her eyes “is different… Please Nisho… Just leave”.

“You would never leave me” Nisho thinks to Jenna, who then looks up at her.

“Yes… It is different… But that’s it… It’s just different” this seems to calm Jenna a bit.

Suddenly two Toodlock Police Shooters enter the building, and Jenna hurls two crates at them, knocking them unconscious.


“TAMARA!! COULD YOU TELL THAT DUMB ASS POLICE CAPTAIN TO KEEP HIS MEN OUT!!” Nisho yells into her Wrist Comunicay to Tamara, who is outside the building.

“They’re only getting hurt!” she finishes

Roger that” Tamaron’s Voice comes though the Comunicay.

Jenna suddenly collapses, and Nisho is instantly at her side.

She cradles Jenna in her arms, as Jenna cries profusely, pulling her arms over her eyes.

“Jenna… Look at me Jenna” with this Jenna uncovers her eyes, which are swollen and full with tears, hurt, rage, pain.

“That’s why you brought me on to the 197… Isn’t it?” (Way back in Captain Fire 197 – Beginnings) Nisho says to Jenna as a sudden realization crosses her mind.

“You knew” Nisho continues.

Jenna stares at Nisho blankly “Knew… What?” she replies.

“You knew I was the only one that would be able to help you with this…” Nisho explains, almost as if she’s in a trance.

“You may not have conscioulsy known… Oh but you knew… You knew that you would go through this change” Nisho finishes.

Jenna starts to cry a bit more.

“Telepathy hit when you were what… 15? 16??” Nisho continues.

“And you’re what now… 22?” she questions Jenna, who simply nods back.

“So Telekenis hits when you’re 22…” Nisho continues to spew her theory.

“You can do this Jenna… It took you some time before you could control your telepathy, right?” She questions again.

“Yes” Jenna quietly replies.

“Two or Three years… Yes… But–” Jenna continues, but Nisho interrupts.

“No “But”… This is the same… And you can do this” Nisho insists.

Jenna suddenly stands.

“You’re right Nisho… How could I have not realized… This is the next stage of my Evolution… There aren’t many of us left, and there are no “True Records” of our Existence, so I simply didn’t realizeJenna explains as she wipes her eyes.

She then reaches out and touches Nisho’s face with one hand “And you… You were meant to help me see this…” with this Jenna smiles slightly, and Nisho blushes a bit.

“I’m ready… I must turn myself in for these crimes” Jenna steps away and heads towards the exit of the building.

“But Jenna??!! None of this is your fault!!” Nisho cries after her, but Jenna keeps walking to the door, and then turns back by the entrance.

“But it is still my “Responsibility”” she replies, and then leaves the building, into Police Custody.


“I assume you have some “Owned” Officers under your thumb?” Merrick speaks at Rain, as they both watch the Television Coverage of Jenna being put into the back of a Police Car.

“I certainly do… And I shall keep a constant eye on this… “Jenna” Sister of yours” replies Rain as he watches with curiosity, and intrigue.


PHOTO CREDITS – People’s Anime, Animefreak, White Haired Anime Girl, Sex and Villainy,

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Captain Fire 197 Season 1



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