Chess With Agatha (Chapter XVIII) – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa

Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XVIII – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa



The White Haired Young man who had fallen out of the air, and slain The Dark Fortress Knight has yet to turn and face the rest of the party…

Sir Elm of Tardenwhal looks at Hemmingbyrd, and then takes two steps towards him.

“Ithnik… Ormta Elno” Sir Elm speaks to him in his best Dragon Talk.

The young man than kneels down, and takes the stolen gold from the fallen Knight.

“Aster… Amla Forten” replies the young man, who now turns and faces them… His Eyes more of a Glowing Fog, than an Eye Color.

“What did he say?” Hemmingbyrd whispers to Sir Elm.

The Young man now slowly circles the party tossing one gold coin at a time back into the piles of gold surrounding them.

“He says… “I Should Surely Kill You All”” replies Sir Elm.

“Lellum Breeno Gor Tzzze Tro Brillum Rorr Sshe” The Young Man hisses at the lot of them.

Hemmingbyrd looks at Sir Elm.

“You’re not going to like this…” exclaims Sir Elm.

“The Words… Sir Elm!” demands Hemmingbyrd.

“Leave your guts smeared across these Ancient Walls” replies Sir Elm.

“Good Lord” Iliad says without thinking.

Hemmingbyrd quickly looks at him with eyes of daggers.

“Speak your Tongue Mortal” The Young Man suddenly insists.

“We mean you no harm… Illustrious one…”

“Moskk” replies The Young Man.

“Then you are the Ancient One…” Hemmingbyrd interjects, but Moskk does not take his eyes off of Sir Elm, as he continues to circle the group.

“Speak again Wizard and you shall quickly meet your Maker” Moskk says to Hemmingbyrd without giving him a look.

“Illustrious– I mean, Moskk… Contrary to that Knight you just slayed, we have not come here for your “Great Treasure”” Sir Elm explains.

With this Moskk flies across the room, and pins Sir Elm by the throat, up against a cavern wall.

“Why have you come here Mortal??!!” demands Moskk.

“I’ve brought them here…” suddenly Agatha’s sweet voice enters the chamber.

Moskk releases Sir Elm, and turns towards Agatha and Morr who have just entered the Chamber.

Morr has the gagged, and hand tied Queen Sorceress Olamna in front of him.

Agatha’s Hair is Blond White, but quickly turns Black as she approaches him.

“That’s right Moskk… It’s been a long, long time” exclaims Agatha as she now stands some eight feet from him.

Iliad, Jodan and Hemmingbyrd all look a bit nervous by this.

“Daughter of Elias…” Moskk suddenly speaks as he approaches her, and takes her hand into his…

“It has been a long time” he speaks, and then kisses her hand, never breaking his gaze into her bright blue eyes.

“The day My Father introduced me to his Kingdom… You were there” Agatha explains.

“Aye… Indeed… Though I am surprised that you would remember such a thing, as you were just an infant” replies Moskk, who has now begun to lead the party into a great dining hall, where there is a large wood and golden table.

All of the party sit at the table at Moskk’s Insistence, via multiple hand waves indicating such.

Agatha reaches up and taps the side of her head “I don’t lose a thing” she then sits next to Moskk, who sits at the end of the long table.

“Well that’s not exactly true now is it…” insists Moskk who is actually smiling a bit now, as his eyes go from foggy, to silver.

He pours himself and Agatha a glass of Red Wine, and notices that no one is eating, even though the table is covered from end to end in food.

“Eat!” he announces, and so all of the very nervous party, then begins to eat… Save Hemmingbyrd, who is too busy listening to their conversation to bother with food, and Morr, who prefers blood.

“I hear you spent the last many years in another plane… That’s losing something a bit now, isn’t it” with this he and Agatha begin to laugh.

“Ha ha ha”

Iliad the Fool tries to eat, but is still mortified “This is very odd indeed” he says under his breath… Which is quickly met with Jodan hitting his shoulder.

“OWW!!” announces the Fool.

“Mind your manners Fool” Jodan demands, his eyes glowing slightly red.

“I’m afraid you are right Moskk… I have been lost for some time now… But I am home now” explains Agatha.

“You didn’t tell me you were having Guests Moskk… I would have worn my Black Dress” suddenly another woman’s voice enters the Dining Chamber… All look at the other end of the room, only to see a Beautiful Silver Haired Woman, barely dressed, other than silver strands of fabric, barely covering her… Well… You know.

With this Moskk stands “Tu Masa My Sweet… Let me Proudly introduce to you Princess Agatha… Daughter to none other than King Elias…”.

With this Hemmingbyrd leans back in his chair where Morr stands against the wall, the Queen Sorceress close by.

“Two Dragons… This could be a problem” he speaks to Morr, who nods slightly.


PICTURE CREDIT – Fantasy Castles Dragons Wizards


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4 Responses to “Chess With Agatha (Chapter XVIII) – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa”

  1. Ah, I love it! ‘Leave your guts smeared across these Ancient Walls’ – you are continually just utterly fantastic, DarkJade. You are basically all magical and shiny, to keep posting these stories of literally epic proportions 🙂

    • Lol, you made me blush with that one Anna, lol

      Thank you so much, it’s True, these are the Types of Stories I Love to Write

      So far it continues to Flow for me, I’m somewhere around the 15,000 Words Mark so far with this Story… With any luck, it will continue to Flow, and will be My First Ever Self Published Fantasy Novel

      And with even more luck, it will be one of Three Books… But I’m not going to worry about that, even one would be enough for me.

      But I’m still Writing this one, The one I look to Self Publish Next is “I Died Once” (I.D.O.), I’m just waiting for my Sister to find some time to Edit it, Hee Hee.

      If she doesn’t find time in April, I’m afraid I’m going to have to find someone else to Edit it, as I’ve been done with it for a while now

      Thanks again Anna, coming from you, I am Humbled… You are My Favorite Writer


  2. Oh dear, I chuckled a bit at that line. I really love the personality you put into your characters. it really shines through your dialogue. The humour and the seriousness, the small punctuation differences. Really spectacular.

    • Thank you so much Blue, that really means a lot… For me, once I Imagine a Character, it takes on a Life of its Own… So I’m often just as surprised to see where some of them go, and what they do and say, lol

      This one was kinda Fun to Write, ha

      Gotta take a Shot at “Human” Arrogance once in a while, walking straight into a Dragon’s Lair, Lol… Not the smartest thing to do


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